Sunday, January 27, 2008

Isaiah 43:18-19

Well, I'm finally blogging. I've been thinking about doing it for quite some time now but being technologically challenged, I hesitated to jump in. Periodically, the idea would come floating back through my brain but again I'd think of all of the reasons why I shouldn't do it.

Recently, one of my friends started her own blog and I started thinking about it again. Then, two bloggers, Bino and Joel, encouraged me to jump in and give it a try. Joel's comments convinced me that maybe starting one is not as hard as it seems and it's not, so here I am. Thanks, Joel and Bino.

One of the things I struggled with was finding a meaningful name. I came up with a couple but neither felt right. Then I decided to talk to Father about it and see if He had any suggestions. Well, of course, He did and that's how "Forgetting the Former Things" came about.

A number of years ago, He turned my world upside down. It was a frustrating and scary time. Nothing I did seemed to work. My religion had failed me. Now, I understand that religion will never produce what it promises. However, during that time, I didn't know that so I did the only thing that I knew how to do and that was cry a lot. Now, understand, for me that was a major thing because I'm not a crier by nature but I was desperate.

Things around me were changing so fast and I felt as though the ground was moving under my feet and that I couldn't keep my balance. Apparently, that's what it took to loosen religion's hold over me. During that difficult time, Father led me to Isaiah 43:18-19.

"Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland." (Isaiah 43:18-19)

I understood that He was doing a new thing in my life but I didn't know what it was and it was scary to let go of the former things. He would ask me if I could see the new thing and I would say, "No! All I see is sand." That confusion lasted about two and a half years and then, as I became freer and freer, I began to see something far away on the horizon.

Since then, it's been quite a journey as I've followed Jesus into unknown territory. At first, I kept looking back longing for the past but now, I'm looking ahead with excitement eagerly looking to experience what's new for today. Each day has new opportunities to come to know Jesus a little bit better and the former things no longer seem as captivating as the new things Jesus will reveal to me as we walk together.

Well, this is probably long enough for a first blog but I've enjoyed sharing a little about this wonderful journey that I've started and I'm sure I'll be sharing more in the coming days.


Joel Brueseke said...

The blogging world has just been blessed! I'm so glad you've jumped in with your own blog.

I really love the name of your blog, and the story behind it. Four years ago this month, I was thinking of starting a new website and I asked Father what I should call it. I never would have come up with this myself, but He whispered '' to me and so I went home and registered that (that's the short version of the story). Since that time He has directed His plan with it and I'm sure that's what He'll do with Forgetting the Former Things. :)

I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts and I've already bookmarked your blog and added it to my feedreader so I'll get automatic updates.

Aida said...

Joel, thanks for posting the first comment on my blog. I'm excited about what you shared. It really provided a lot of confirmation for this new adventure.

I think it's great to know that Father gives us so much freedom to decide things but is always there to give us a little nudge in the right direction when we're heading the wrong way. I've also gotten confirmation from another friend that this is the right name. I love the name because it has so much meaning for me. I hope what I share will be an encouragement to others as they learn to forget the former things in their lives and begin to experience the new thing.

I may need to ask you some questions about using Google Blogger. Is it okay if I email you about it rather than tying up your blog or mine with techie stuff?


Bino B. Manjasseril said...

Welcome to the Blog sphere! I am so excited to see your blog and looking forward to reading the stuff you write. As you may have already observed, the grace community is evidently small compared to any other stuff in the blog world. This is a great media to proclaim the love of our Father through Christ Jesus. This is a place to tell the world that He is not interested in religion but in relationship. He is not interested in what we are 'doing' and would like us to see what He already did.
I liked the name you chose. Its so meaningful.
By the way, Joel was one of the motivation to me as well about a year or so ago to start my own blog. Since then we have been enjoying each others encouragement.

Nicole's Godblog said...

I am glad you got a blog. I am excited to continue to hear what Fahter is springing up in your life. I can relate to what you said about picking a name as well, but not just the name for my blog but the titles I use. I haven't blogged in a while because I was gone on a long trip but I was thinking about a name on the way home and Father always seems to inspire me when thinking about titles for blogs I post!

I love you and am glad you shared your journey with us!

Love, Nicki!

Joel Brueseke said...

Hi Aida,

I'm glad you've gotten confirmation from Father on all of this. I think it's so true that we've got lots of freedom in our thoughts and actions, and that God is faithful to nudge us along (not nag us along as some people would see it!) in the right direction.

No problem, you can email me if you want. I'll do my best to answer any questions you might have. I'd be glad to help!

Aida said...

Wow! This is great! I appreciate all of the comments on my first blog entry.

Bino, thanks for the welcome and thanks for the encouragement to get this started.

I've have noticed that there seems to be less people posting on the grace sites and it essentially seems to be the same group posting on each other's blogs. Actually, I rather like that. It seems more like a close knit family that supports and encourages one another.

I've also noticed that there doesn't seem to be all of the arguing that erupts periodically on the other sites. Everyone here seems to treat everyone else with respect and consideration.

I think that's the way it's supposed to be. That's why I feel drawn to this group. It's a good place to receive needed encouragement.

I hope what I share will encourage anyone who visits here.

Nicki, thanks for posting a comment. I'm excited that Daddy is connecting us even more as He continues to give us opportunities to encourage one another.

I love the name of your blog. I think it'll draw people who will be curious to see what a godblog is all about.

Joel, I'm learning that Father's nudgings aren't normally overpowering. They're usually a sense that I'm to move in a particular direction and, when I do, I'm always glad that I did .

I think I figured out the answer to my question. I'll know soon enough so I may not have to email you this time but I probably will in the future.

Thanks for being willing.


lydia joy said...

Yay Aida, this is so great! I love your blog name and the passage you shared, that really encouraged me! I also love how you refer to God as Father, it's so personal and really we should feel that close to just call Him, Father, Papa, Daddy!....good stuff!

lydia joy said...

Hope it's okay, I just added you to my blog links list......

Aida said...

Lydia, thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad you were encouraged.

I started calling him Father a couple of years ago. Then, it occurred to me that I called my natural father Daddy even though I was raised in a dysfunctional home and he was uninvolved. It occurred to me that if I called my natural father Daddy why shouldn't I call my heavenly father Daddy too.

So now when I talk to him I call him Daddy. However, when I comment on an online list, I don't normally use Daddy since I'm not sure people will know who I'm talking about. Nicki knows me well enough to know he's Daddy to me.

Now, that you all know too, I'll probably use Daddy more often.

I already added your blog to my list. Thanks for adding mine.