Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Biblical elders

I just found this neat blog entitled I wonder if this is what a Biblical "Elder" looks like? The author makes some great observations.

"I wonder if this is what Biblical eldership is meant to be (in contrast to being an institutional authority/manager)? Senior members of the family of God (or at least those farther down the path than others) inviting/allowing younger members to come alongside them and experience their lives in all their reality. Then, younger ones who naturally look up to the older ones, can soak in the wealthy wisdom of a lifetime of love for God."

What a great description! I really like what he had to say on this subject. Elders who lead based on a position, is in my opinion, a poor substitute for elders who lead based on experience and wisdom. I also believe that true biblical eldership is not based on chronological age. I know I'm one of the older participants in this grace community of bloggers but I see wisdom coming forth from everyone no matter what age. After all, wisdom is really a fruit of a relationship with Father and is not on the basis of age or title.

Like other things of the Spirit, I believe eldership is fluid. Someone may have greater understanding about a particular subject and, out of their experience and knowledge, they are elders regarding that subject. In another subject, someone else may have more knowledge so eldership is transferred to the one who is more knowledgeable.

I believe the key is Father's love for us and his desire for us to come to know and experience that love. Whoever can lead us to a deeper relationship with Father through their example is, I believe, an elder in the truest form of the word.

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