Monday, February 25, 2008

A blast from my past

I'm having a lot of fun with blogging and learning a lot of new skills so I decided to try my hand at YouTube. I found this video from the 50's by a group called The Platters. It may not appeal to you younger ones but this is my kind of music - soft and relaxing and I can understand the words. I like this particular video because it shows the words so you can sing along or just follow along, if you prefer.

For some reason, this song has been going through my head the last few days and I've been singing it along with Jesus. I want to share this love song with you and I hope you enjoy it.


Deb said...

Oh Aida!!!

This is great!!! Really took me back a few years :-). I never in my wildest thoughts would have thought of this song as anything other than a good old fashioned 'love' song!

Well, I will never look at it the same again! The words are perfect in describing our relationship with Him!!! LOL...AWESOME!

By the way...I finally figured out HOW to make a comment here :-). I love all that you have to say. Thanks you so much for being so open with your thoughts and much of what you put down on paper describes what I feel and think but would not be able to express so beautifully as you do! You really do have a "gift"...and I am so happy that you are using it!!!


Daelon said...

I like some of the oldies as well.

I also got to meet Herb Reed in 2006 on a cruise ship. He was surprised to see someone as young as me and my brother getting his autograph lol. He's a really nice guy.

bob said...

Hi Aida
Talk about bringing back memories. I grew up listening to their music.
They probably didn't know of the spiritual context nor had I ever thought of it. Thank you.

Only Him

Aida said...

Deb, I'm glad you finally figured out how to make a comment. I always value what you have to say. Thanks for all of your encouragement. You're a great friend.

I figured you and Bob would remember that song. I've always liked The Platters. Of course, at the time it was recorded I never thought of the meaning of the words. Jesus was the furthest thing from my mind.

When the song started going through my head a few days ago, I listened to the words and was amazed that they did so perfectly describe our relationship with Jesus.

As Bob said, it really is Only Him.


Aida said...

Matthew, BTW, my son's name is Matthew. Did you know Matthew means gift of God? I think it's a wonderful name.

I'm glad you enjoy some of the oldies too. I've found there's some good songs in most types of music.

When I read what you wrote, I had to do a Google search to find out who Herb Reed was. I knew Tony Williams and Zola Taylor by name but I was unfamiliar with Herb Reed. I read the history of The Platters and his part in their beginnings. It was very interesting.

Thanks for sharing about your meeting Herb Reed. I learned something about a group whose music was very much a part of my growing up years.