Monday, March 24, 2008

Marriage is a covenant

I'm sure many of you reading my blog are also following Steve McVey's 101 Lies Taught in Church Every Sunday video series but I think this is one that is well worth focusing on. Steve stresses that marriage is not a contract but it's a covenant. The definition of a covenant being that each party of the covenant gives 100 percent even if the other person doesn't keep his part of the covenant.

I need to be reminded of that fact. I'm seeing Father do some great things in my marriage as I'm learning how to walk this grace walk in my home but I do forget at times and revert to a "me, me, me" mode of relating to my husband.

I think this video is a great description of how this grace walk will affect our lives in practical ways. It's not an eerie, strange walk but it's an every day walk in the every day circumstances of life.

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