Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pleasing God

I was reading Hebrews 11 this morning and came to verse 6 which says, "But without faith it is impossible to please Him for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him."

Since coming to an understanding of grace, this scripture has always confused me. If God is pleased with us because we're in Christ and not because of our behavior, how does this line up with his grace? This scripture seems to be promoting a works mentality. I assume I must be missing something so I thought I'd bring it up to see if anyone has any thoughts because if Father's pleasure in me is based on my diligence to seek him then I'm not so sure I would pass.

Any thoughts?


rob horton said...

it is possible that you misunderstand the author (and possible editors) of this letter; it is also possible that you are catching a more beautiful picture of reality than he/she/they did.

Walking Church said...

I never took it as a rule or an 'ism'... but rather a promise that i found to be so. I have sought like a child (with that type of faith) to know more of Him...believing He would..

He has rewarded me with some deep things (not all of em)...giggle..

I think He will go as deep as you want to go with Him...I think most people are afraid to seek out the deeper things of Abba.

Aida said...
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Aida said...

I deleted the previous comment because I posted it by mistake before I was able to proofread it for errors so I'll try again.

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your comments. I've found that there have been many times that I've misunderstood scripture. In the past, I read the Bible through a lens of tradition and much of it seemed legalistic. Now, as I read it, I see more grace in it. As a result, when I read verses that seem to be opposed, I stop and question what am I missing.

Good point, walking church. What appears to be rules are really Father revealing to us what he is bringing to pass in our lives.

Sunday morning, we went to see Wayne before we headed home and we got into some great conversation with him and the other folks who were there. The conversation started going in a similar direction so I asked the same question.

I thought Wayne gave a really good explanation. He said that Father's displeasure is not directed against us but against the behavior. He isn't pleased with things that we do that are not of faith. However, that has nothing to do with his love and affection for us. That never changes.

Wayne also said that seeking God means that we make ourselves available to him.

I thought his comments were great and really made what that verse was saying much clearer.

Aida said...

My friend, Deb, tried to post this but, for some reason couldn't, so she asked me to post it for her.

Deb wrote:

Hi Aida :-),

Just the fact that you question whether or not you "would pass" the test of being guilty of seeking Him enough...I would say that you pass with flying colors! Ummmm, afterall...what do you spend most of your time doing and thinking about these days? :-) Yep...the way I see it is that Father is always in the forefront of your heart and have grown and continue to grow so much in the time that I have known you!

I wouldn't hesitate for one second to say, "Papa is especially fond of you!!!" :-)

Aida said...

Deb, thanks for your comments. You always know what to say to encourage me. You're a great friend.