Thursday, May 15, 2008

Experiencing the Unexpected

I've been planning to post this for a few days but life got a little busy. I want to share with all of you the unusual way Father has chosen to act in my life. I didn't think I'd be posting a third blog about Twisted Sister but here it is. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the background of the story, Joel and I recently had a running conversation about a video he posted about a year ago. It was of a group called Twisted Sister singing "We're Not Gonna Take It." For those who are unfamiliar with them, Twisted Sister is a heavy metal group who perform in typical heavy metal fashion.

While Joel and I were having a great time joking with one another about this video, Father was working in me through it. Who would have thought it possible that his life could be shown in this prim and proper grandmother through a heavy metal group?

Through the years, I've acquired many different masks in my attempt to be perfect. I've always been the nice person who does nice things. I've never been the type of person to rock the boat. It has always been much easier to just go along than to allow myself the freedom to be me. That all changed about ten years ago when I began this exciting but sometimes very uncomfortable journey outside of the box of religion.

All of a sudden, I found myself doing things that I knew would ruffle some feathers. For example, I stopped doing a lot of religious activities because they kept me from fully experiencing the life of Christ in me. Also, I started connecting with people who I knew were not accepted by mainstream Christianity. Life has definitely changed as I'm learning to live as a free believer in Christ.

As these changes have taken place, I have sensed that others are disappointed in me because I'm no longer trying to fulfill their expectations. As one time, I would have been devastated to the point of inaction or even have turned back to avoid any conflict. However, as I've sensed their disappointment, I have also sensed Father's pleasure as I'm more and more becoming the woman he created me to be.

Like God, we all have many different facets to who we are. While some may be stronger than others, we can't put ourselves in a box and say this is the way we always are and that we never change. As we live this adventure we call life, we need to be free to do the unexpected. We need to allow ourselves to dream and then be willing to do those things that are in our heart but that may seem totally out of character. In other words, we need to allow the various facets of our personalities to be expressed freely. While in a lot of ways, my personality is rather prim and proper, I'm beginning to see the other facets coming out as Father is removing the many masks that I've been wearing.

Now, back to Twisted Sister. In my last post, I explained why I was so fascinated by this video. That explanation put it back into a normal realm for me but then I did something that was totally out of character for me. I actually posted it on my blog for all the world to see and, by doing that, in some ways linking myself to this group.

The strange thing is that I haven't once been concerned about what people would think about me as I would have been in the past. I posted the video Sunday morning and noticed that, all that day, there was a freedom in my speech and actions that I knew hadn't been there before. It seemed like the life of Christ in me was now able to flow out more freely. The result was a greater expression of love, joy and peace.

Who would have thought that one rather unusual group could have affected me so much? It just proves to me that God is the God of the unexpected and that I can't put him in a box. Also, I'm his daughter and I can't put myself in a box either. I don't expect to turn into a lover of heavy metal or a follower of Twisted Sister. I still prefer to listen to Sandi Patty and Willie Nelson. However, a revelation of Christ's life is often found in the most unexpected places and in order for me to experience the fullness of his life, I have to be willing to expect the unexpected.

So, Joel, thanks for posting that video. You did good, Little Brother. And, yes, that song still goes through my head at times and I've even re-watched both videos.

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Tina said...

Rock on, Aida!

I've really enjoyed reading this bit of your journey. It's often those things that seem so unlike who we are or appear to be that can speak to us in such a profound way.

Joel Brueseke said...

Hey, you, shhhhhh, yeah YOU.

Come over here.

I've got some Metallica for ya.


Ok and so I also have to admit that I never thought I'd be peddling Twisted Sister to my big sister. :)

But seriously it's wonderful how our Daddy will speak to us and relate to us in all kinds of ways, even through ways that seem "secular" or "unredeemed." We simply can't box Him in.

Aida said...

Hi Tina,

You are so right. I'm learning that Father likes to sneak up on us where we least expect him to be. Things are not always what they seem and his life in us sometimes shines best as we experience the unexpected because we can't take control and plan our response.

Aida said...

Joel, thanks for the kind offer. I know you're looking out for my best interests but I think I'll pass up on Metallica. I know you're trying to get me to get tattoos and body piercing but I think I'll have to pass on that too.

We still like to be in control. We prefer Father come to us in the familiar and the comfortable but he wants to shake up our world so that's what's left are the things that are important. You're right. We can't box him in. That used to make me uncomfortable but now it's a characteristic about our Daddy that I've grown to love.