Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thanks (?), Little Brother

My little brother, Joel, is on a campaign to totally corrupt this 61 year old grandmother and his plot seems to be working. Today, he came out publicly and shared his plan with us.

Here's the background to this sad tale. Last Sunday morning while my husband and I were making our weekly pilgrimage to the "church" building, a familiar sounding song came on the radio. I remembered it from a video Joel had posted about a year ago. It's "We're Not Gonna Take It" by a lovely (?) looking group called Twisted Sister. Well, I was just enjoying the song and singing along in my head when Hubby decided to change the station. I told him to put it back on. He did but gave me a strange look. I'm sure he was thinking I had lost it. Remember, this is the woman who likes Willie Nelson and Sandi Patty. I've also been known to occasionally listen to opera.

I shared this strange out of character incident with Joel in the comment section of his It's a Sin post. I later told him that this song had been going through my head all day and occasionally I would actually sing the chorus out loud. That's when he revealed his nefarious plot to corrupt me. His plan is revealed in a post he made today. To make matters worse, he posted a new video of this song performed by the seemingly innocent members of the Nintendo game, Luigi and Mario. To read about Joel's shocking revelation and to watch the innocent (?) Nintendo characters, follow this link. To view the original uncut version by Twisted Sister that started all this, follow this link. (If you dare.)


Joel Brueseke said...

Wow... this is even better than I ever dreamed! Not only am I corrupting you and Matthew, but you're passing it on to others! I don't deserve my plans to work out so wonderfully well!

Aida said...

They certainly have. I'm sure you're already aware of the fact that I posted the infamous Twisted Sister video on MY blog.

Horrors!! Double horrors!! I can't believe I did that!!