Friday, June 13, 2008

Create in Me a Clean Heart - Keith Green

This is a beautiful song and Keith Green does a great job singing it. I've been in churches where we've sung this beautiful song as a prayer.

The only problem is this is taken from an Old Covenant scripture which has absolutely nothing to do with us today as New Covenant believers. In Christ, our hearts are already clean. We don't have to beg God to do it; he's already done it. We've been given his Holy Spirit who now dwells in us. He's promised to never leave us nor forsake us. Therefore, he would NEVER take his Holy Spirit from us.

Religion has taught us that God will only strive with us for so long (another Old Covenant verse) and then he washes his hands of us in anger and disgust. That can't be further from the truth. If we're in Christ, we're his children and he will NEVER turn his back on us. His love is not based on what we do or don't do. It's based on a never changing relationship.

In the comment section of his blog on Tithing, Joel made some really profound statements regarding the difference between the New and the Old Covenants. He said:

"I've come to a place where I see that the New Covenant is not a matter of "Old Covenant Part 2." In other words, as I look at Old Covenant principles, I'm not trying to interpret them in New Covenant ways or trying to apply them to the New Covenant at all.

The Old Covenant is obsolete (Heb 8:13). The Old Covenant failed because man never could and never did keep his part. The New Covenant is not a matter of a new ways to keep the Old Covenant. The New Covenant is something completely different, and it's based not on man trying to keep principles, but rather man relying on God's faithfulness, grace and love. It's essentially based upon a covenant between Father and Son, and they both have kept their parts. We are the beneficiaries of the covenant, not the keepers of it."

We've got to realize that, as New Covenant believers, our relationship to the Old Covenant is over. There is no longer any relationship. We can't take the prayers prayed by Old Covenant believers such as David and Jabez and pray them today. They no longer apply to us.

Father has given us a better covenant with better promises so why do we keep going back to the old? It's time for us to stop clinging to the Old Covenant which has failed and learn to live in the New Covenant and experience the fullness of life that we've been given.


Katherine Gunn said...


Aida said...

Yes, Katherine. I agree. If we only understood the New Covenant, we wouldn't settle for the old.

Free Spirit said...

Yes, I see it now. Amazing how Keith Green has always been hailed as one of the greatest of artists, in circles I've run. Not that he's not a great artist, or singer, with a sincere heart, but the people I ran with seemed to put him on a pedestal, for those "deep words", that, now upon looking back, really only reinforced that negative, "we are but worms" mentality.

My, my, what a ride this is, coming out from under all this stuff. The rug's being pulled out from under me. Good news is, I've learned I have wings to fly!

Aida said...

Free spirit, thanks for your comments.

As a performer, I love Keith Green and I believe his motives were pure but some of his songs are very legalistic. For example, Asleep in the Light. Talk about a guilt producing song. Even his emphasis on "going" was off, in my opinion. I admire his commitment and zeal but I think he missed it when he tried to set it up as a standard for everyone else to follow.

This really is an exciting journey. I'm so glad we're on it together and can encourage one another.

Matthew Daelon said...

"No one drinking old desires new, for he says 'the old is good!'"

Jesus made exactly what you're talking about blatantly clear to all. "You cannot pour new wine into old wineskins." You can't mix the covenant of Law with the Covenant Jesus made with God the Father on our behalf. It cannot be Law and Grace. It cannot be unmerited favor and merited favor at the same time. His promises are not "yes and no". They are all yes in Jesus Christ!

This Covenant in Jesus Christ is so wonderful!

Thanks for posting...It's so great to be refreshed daily in the truth of what actually happened when we put our faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Aida said...

Matthew, great comments and so very true. You can't mix the old with the new, even though we try. The result is a "gospel" which isn't the gospel.

It is refreshing to hear the truth over and over again. Like you, I'm so thankful for the bloggers who are declaring the truth on a daily basis.

Thanks for your comments.

Karen said...

ah, thank you for speaking truth Aida. yes, our hearts are clean and we can trust them. I just bought the book "Recover Your Good Heart" by Jim Robbins. This is another truth that can transform our lives and set us free..thank you Jesus.

Bino Manjasseril said...

Great post Aida, and great comments by Matthew! Wow!

Aida said...

Karen, I think the belief that our hearts are wicked is one of the lies that has kept the church from moving forward. I’m glad the truth is finally starting to come out.

That sounds like a good book. Let me know how you like it. I may get it if you think it’s good.

BTW, I’m having trouble sending messages through the FBN site. I got your message and tried to respond earlier today but it still seems to be in my outbox along with a few others. Ann is trying to help me resolve the problem. Until we work that out, if you’d like, you can use the email address I have on my blogger profile. I’m sorry about the delay in answering you. Hopefully, the problem will be corrected soon.

Aida said...

Thanks, Bino.

Joel Brueseke said...

So glad you revisited this post, Aida. Many of these things have been stirring in me again lately, and it's great to be refreshed in all of this great truth!

I have a friend who would pick up his guitar and sing this song from Keith. He was so very sincere in singing it. But indeed we can't get the heart any cleaner than God has already made it! Learning to live from our clean heart is now the issue.

Aida said...

Joel, unfortunately Old Testament statements that we’re just old worms in the dust are easier to believe than the truth that we’re now righteous. However, the truth is we are righteous, not because of what we’ve done but because of what Christ has done. I think you said it well when you said, “Learning to live from our clean heart is now the issue.”