Thursday, June 12, 2008

Prayers needed for a friend

Those of you who read my blog regularly know that I refer to another blogger named Joel often. Well, for those who don't know him, Joel lives in Iowa right in the middle of the flooding and the tornadoes that are ravishing the state. His last blog stated that he and his family are safe but tired. The conditions in the state are far from stable so as the Lord leads, please pray for Joel and his family as well as the people of Iowa.


Kent said...

Aida, I understand. During our 500 year flood in S. Louis in 1993 it was very exhausting what everyone was dealing with. We weren't effected directly and I am thankful that Joel's family is safe. I heard about the tornadoes last night and actually thought of Joel having just read his blog.

Just a few miles from us is the Merramec River and it has been under flood warnings all spring with two episodes of it being 15' + over flood stage. We are on such high ground where we live that if we ever had flooding problems here...everyone would be in need of an Ark.

The flooding and tornadoes have made for a rough spring for Midwesterners.

Aida said...

Kent, I saw a map on the news this morning of the affected areas and Missouri was on it. I was concerned about you but you hadn't said anything on your blog so I assumed you were okay.

I was so busy yesterday that I didn't realize the Scout camp that was hit by the tornado was also in Iowa. The stress and hurt the Iowans are under as well as concern for Joel brought tears to my eyes.

Joel and his friend Mike Kapler are right in the middle of everything. Hopefully, things will settle down soon. It sure has been a rough year for the midwest.

How is Rob doing? Is he in a fairly safe area?

Kent said...

I think Rob's family is fine as far as flooding goes. There have been many strong storms sweep through his area and ours and we are still in the high season for tornades through the first part of July.

Aida said...

We tend to have tornadoes in S. C. too but I think they're more common in the midwest.

I'm glad you and Rob are relatively safe from flooding. Thanks for the update.