Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Can you teach too much grace?

Lydia Joy has posted a phenomenal blog answering this question. If you try to speak about grace to other believers, it won't be long before you'll hear them say that teaching too much grace will give people a license to sin. This post which is really a message delivered by Ryan Rufus will reveal the errors regarding that statement and will prove that grace is actually Father's method to free us from sin.

Some excerpts to whet your appetite are:

"What teaches us to say no to sin? Is it the law? No. Is it restraint? No, it's the grace of God that teaches us to say no to sin."

"The grace of God teaches us to live near to God every moment of every day, and to have boldness to come into His presence every day and to come face to face with God. People that live near to God, don't find it so easy to give in to sin. The closer you are to God the less you want to sin."

"People under grace grow in their love for Jesus."

I suggest that you go right over and check this blog post out. I believe you'll be glad that you did.


Free Spirit said...

Thanks again Aida! Great read! Very rich!

Tina said...

Wow! Powerful stuff! Thanks for sharing, Aida.

Aida said...

Thanks, Free Spirit and Tina. This was such an exciting teaching that I had to pass it on.