Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hold onto your seats

Darin Hufford has just posted part 1 of a blog that is absolutely phenomenal. In his introduction, he said "This is a little different from anything I've done in the past. There is a part 2 to this that I'll be posting soon. Brace yourselves! . . ." That's good advice because it'll keep you on the edge of your seat.

Whether you're familiar with Darin's teachings or have never heard of him, I believe you'll find this post to be an incredibly creative piece of writing.


Mark said...

It is just wrong for him to leave a cliff hanger like that.

I have checked out a little of your blog, and I am enjoying it.

Tracy Simmons said...

Aida, I'm also going to be linking to Darin's article, but thought I'd wait for part 2 first so as not to torture people! LOL!

It was so interesting to me when I read this because just a short time ago I was telling someone how I was in a "charismatic" meeting recently (long story WHY!) that reminded me of the prophets of Baal. Nice to see that someone else saw the same thing :).

Aida said...


I know what you mean. It was wrong but what can we do. We'll just have to wait until Darin has mercy and posts part 2. He says it should be up in a few days.

I'm glad you're enjoying my blog. Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment. It's always great to know who's out there.


I'm not as kind as you are. I figure if I have to suffer waiting so should everyone else. LOL Seriously though, I got so excited that it never occurred to me to wait. However, if I had thought about it, I probably still would have done it the same way.

I haven't been in that type of meeting for so long, I'd forgotten what they're like. Now, I'm not even tempted to go to one as I would have been in the past.

It's interesting that you were recently in that type of meeting and experienced the same feelings that Darin expressed. It shows that we really do need to learn to trust those thoughts and feelings that come from our heart.

Bino Manjasseril said...

That was a real shocker! But when I read 1 Kings 18 verses 16 onwards, it all made sense. Wow!
I don't think I need to wait till the second post to figure out everything...

Aida said...

Bino, I see Darin has already posted part 2 but I haven't read it yet. I think I'm going to read 1st Kings 18 first. I think it'll make more sense then.

Part 1 really caught me off guard. When I began reading, I couldn't remember Darin ever saying that situation had occurred so I was a bit confused at first until I got into it and figured out it was an allegory.

I'm looking forward to seeing how he ties it all together.

Kent said...

Aida, this that Darin says is so true. I have three young ladies in the house...I know first hand.

"I have five children and trust me in this. When they get emotional, I CAN'T DO ANYTHING WITH THEM. In fact, that's about the only time when communication with them is impossible."

Aida said...

The voice of experience. It's true. I can see it with my grandchildren.

BTW, your girls are beautiful! I've enjoyed seeing their pictures.

Sue said...

I think from memory Aida it was you who got me onto The God's Honest Truth from talking about it on the Lifestream list.

Thanks for that! I've actually just started reading it from the start again.

Aida said...

Yes, Sue. I'm the one. I remember you even posted an excerpt on your blog. Have you checked out Darin's new website? It's awesome! He's got a lot of great stuff posted there. He's also got a very good forum. It's just starting but I'm really enjoying it.

Sue said...

I'm just reading some of his blog posts as we "speak" :)

Aida said...

Great! I know you'll enjoy what he has to say. I'd recommend some but they're all good.

lydia joy said...

I may be opening a can of worms here, but I am not sure I fully "get" the amazingness of Darin's posts part 1 and 2. Is he essentially saying that all time's in the Spirit are a load of hooey??
I believe that people most certainly get fleshy and emotional, but I also believe that Scripture backs up a lot of what can genuinely happen when slain in the Spirit. Not to say you have to have all the manifestations to be touched by God, I think just spending time in His Presence and relationship is the most important. But I would not go so far as to say some of the extreme things people are saying in his comments such as comparing Hillsong's worship being like a Christian emotionalizing and comparing it to watching porn.......
Of course I never grew up in an exteme Charismatic movement so I am not aware of the excesses and confusion, but I wouldn't be so quick to throw the baby out with the bath water. Anyway, I post this in love, I am honestly a bit confused as to his ultimate point here...........thoughts....????

lydia joy said...

oops I guess I should have posted this on the more recent one, part 2

Aida said...

Hi Lydia,

“Is he essentially saying that all time's in the Spirit are a load of hooey??”

I don’t believe that’s what he’s saying. I believe Darin is really addressing the belief that God is only present during those highly emotionally charged moments. I’ve been in services where it’s loudly proclaimed,”God is here!” Well, he’s actually there even if there’s no actual manifestation. I tend not to get emotional and I don’t normally have any physical manifestation. As a result, I remember feeling as though God was passing me by because I didn’t respond to his presence physically. I felt like an unloved stepchild.

Knowing Darin’s heart, I don’t believe he is discounting all physical experiences. I believe he just wants to bring some balance to something that has gone into the extreme and caused hurt for those who don’t experience those types of emotions yet are being touched by God’s presence.

You’re right about some of the extreme comments. I personally love Hillsong and have sensed the presence of the Lord through some of their songs. People do get carried away at times in what they say. I don’t know the person who made that comment so my comment is not directed at them personally but I think that sometimes when people make extreme statements that go beyond what the blogger said, it’s a form of seeking personal validation, a desire for approval. I could be wrong but that’s my feeling.

Anyway, from my experience, Darin allows people to express their opinions as long as it doesn’t violate common courtesy. He may not always agree with what was said, but he won’t violate your right to say it.

I hope that helps and please don’t be concerned about expressing your thoughts here. I hope you’ll always share freely from your heart because I believe hearing the varying viewpoints is the only way to arrive at truth. You've just shared your portion of the truth which will help us all in determining when Father is really at work. Thanks for sharing.

Posting it here is just fine.

lydia joy said...

You're awesome! I love your gentleness that comes through your posts and your comments....

I guess I couldn't relate to Darin's post, because I have never been in meetings like that! Now I just go to meetings hungry for God and God touches me, but he also meets me at home or anywhere. I guess they should teach more on how to spend time in God's presence and how to be open to God touching you, so everyone can understand and not be skeptical or miss out either! Sounds like perhaps those type of meetings were more in it for the manifestations perhaps than on genuine relationship with God for everyone!

Aida said...

Lydia, you are so gracious. Thank you.

Darin was a pastor in an AG church so he's very familiar with what goes on in those types of meetings. My experience hasn't been as extensive as his but I've also been to meetings where that sort of emotionalism was encouraged and expected.

"Now I just go to meetings hungry for God and God touches me, but he also meets me at home or anywhere."

That should be normal for us. We shouldn't always have to have a huge physical manifestation for us to feel close to God nor be in a meeting.

Like you, I'm wanting more of the supernatural to be expressed in my life and in any gathering of the church. Hopefully, in time, we won't be distracted by theatrics so that we can enjoy him however he chooses to make himself known.

Thanks for sharing, Lydia. This is a great conversation.

lydia joy said...

You are welcome Aida. I am coming from the opposite end of the spectrum, my first church growing up was a "Reformed Baptist" church, where it was a miracle if we ever clapped our hands in the service and I never knew about the Holy Spirit......then to a "Reformed Charismatic" church that only barely expressed the gifts and eventually became functionally "cessacionist" - so I was pretty much brought up in religion and bible teaching - not much genuine relationship with God, I am finding being in an intimate relationship with God only leads to more supernatural being evident....because God is a supernatural being......so I am sure the more you and Papa hang out, you will experience His supernaturalness, ha if that's a word!!!!

Great chatting with you Aida, many blessings to you and much grace and peace as well!!!1

Aida said...

Hi Lydia,

Most of my experience was Baptist and currently Presbyterian. However, I was part of a charismatic Bible study and later attended an AG church. That was the church that got abusive. In addition to that, I went to a couple of conferences held by a major prophetic ministry.

I remember doing things that never really affected me permanently although they were a lot of fun at the times. For the most part, everyone was doing the same thing; we didn't allow Father to work in us individually. Right now, I'm experiencing more of Father's life as I relate to him outside of institutional church. It's not as exhausting and frustating and it definitely is more real.

This has been a great conversation. Thanks for your encouragement.