Monday, July 28, 2008

Where is the still small voice?

I found an excellent blog written by Jim Robbins over at his site, Robbins Writings. Although the focus is on the Christmas season, I believe what he shares is true regarding the frantic lifestyle promoted by the religious system throughout the year. He appropriately calls it "frenzy without fruit." He opens with the following quote taken from the book "The Root of the Righteous" by A. W. Tozer.

" 'The accent in the church today,' says Leonard Ravenhill, the English evangelist, 'is not on devotion, but on commotion.' Externalism has taken over. God now speaks by the wind and the earthquake only; the still small voice can be heard no more. The whole religious machine has become a noisemaker."

I think you'll enjoy what Jim has to say. To read the entire blog, follow this link.


Joel B. said...

You're going right up my alley with this one! I've never heard of this book by Tozer but I'm getting it. This is what I've been trying to communicate with everyone, from my mega-church pastor to my friends to my blog readers (who, of course, are also my friends!) to anyone who will listen! We've got such a focus on the final product (the fruit) that we miss the root. The focus becomes doing for God instead of knowing Him, and the result is a frenzy without any real fruit. Great stuff!

Aida said...

Oh, yes! Roots. I hadn't thought about that.

You're right. Our focus is on the final product yet we really have no control over the production of fruit. Our focus should be to make sure we're rooted in God's love and grace. When we're rooted as we should be, the fruit just naturally follows.

Wow! Great thoughts, Joel. Thanks for your comments.

Joel B. said...

I looked at your link for Tozer's book The Root of the Righteous, and it looks like a must read for me so I just went ahead and ordered it. Oughtta be a good one.

Bino M. said...

The whole religious machine has become a noisemaker.

It's all about making a 'wave', isn't it?. And I think that is the heart behind the modern day revivals as well. It is pathetic.
Silence, simplicity and slowness has no value in today's culture. It is as if people are competing to each other. He mentioned about consumerism in the post.Well, if we think, we are reaping what we saw. The effect is already visible - immorality, selfishness, sickness, climate change, isolation, loneliness, insecurity etc...

Aida said...

Joel, I wish I had time to read all of the good books out there but, of course, it's impossible. So, as you read, I hope you'll share some of the goodies with us.

Bino, you are so right. The noise gets louder and the glitzyness gets fancier while the world gets more and more corrupted. Unfortunately, the church's response for the most part has been more noise and more glitz. The result is that the simplicity of the gospel gets lost in all of the noise.