Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blog lock out

If you're locked out of your blog and have a sitemeter, I can definitely relate. I've been sweating it out since yesterday when I got locked out of my blog. It started when I tried to check my sitemeter and couldn't get in. Then, the situation escalated into a code red, when I couldn't get into my own blog. I could open all of the other blogs I checked so it looked like my blog had been singled out for a terrorist attack. Of course, given the brilliant nature of the blogs I've been posting lately, I can understand why.

I couldn't figure out how to deal with this dangerous situation. Should I contact the Department of Homeland Security? I knew they would be greatly concerned about the danger to the free believers in this country who couldn't read my blog. However, I decided to try a more cautionary approach so I talked to hubby instead. After much deliberation, he told me I needed to call Blogger.

Well, that posed a different problem because as we all know, due to the very sensitive nature of the work that they do, their phone number is not listed. Desperate for an answer, I did a Google search on Blogger and discovered that Blogger was experiencing its own set of problems. (Isn't that just like the enemy to attack the blogging community on two separate fronts?) Well, since my problem didn't seem to match the problem described, I continued my covert search operation and found an interesting link.

Simon, a blogger in Montreal, was able to do a search and rescue operation and had released his blog. As he studied the situation, a pattern began to emerge. Based on a hunch, he deleted his sitemeter code and instantly his blog was released. He was finally able to log in. Thankfully, he didn't keep this critical information to himself but decided to share it with the blogging community. After reading Simon's report, I immediately deleted my sitemeter code and my blog was also instantly released.

Simon's findings have the potential for a major breakthrough in the world of blogging and for that Simon will go down in history as a hero who stood tall in the face of much personal danger. Simon is truly a hero. All I can say is, "Way to go, Simon!"

To read in his own words, Simon's amazing report about his heroic efforts on our behalf, follow this link.


Tammy said...

Woohoo! Yup, his blog is the one that saved me hours of grief, too. I'm missing my sitemeter, but missed my blog even more. :)

Aida said...

Tammy, I fully understand. I miss my sitemeter too but its sacrifice was a small price to pay to get my blog back. Hopefully, the brains at sitemeter will fix it quickly so we can get it back again.

Okay! Three cheers for Simon. Hip hip hurray! Hip hip hurray! Hip hip hurray!

Simon said...

Hi Aida !!!

You are SO sweet. What a cute post. I showed it to some of my friends and they think so too. Although they wanted to make sure you knew that I really am a dummy.
That's friends for you ... :)

Aida said...

Thanks for visiting, Simon, and leaving a comment. I'm glad you enjoyed my post. After I freed my blog, I just had to release some of the pressure build up by being silly.

I'll keep in mind what your friends said. After all, they know you better than I do. LOL

Simon said...

Hi Aida !! I just wanted to add one more thing. I'm not a religious person, and sometimes I say silly and childish things about it when I feel the hatred instead of the love. But my mum who is a kind and real Christian like you are taught me the real message of Jesus.
So I am trying to be a better person.
But as for my friends....well I might be a dummy but compared to them I am a GENIUS !!! :)

Aida said...

Hi again, Simon.

That's okay. I don't consider myself religious either but I am, however, a follower of Christ. I'm sorry that you've experienced hatred from Christians instead of love. Christians don't always behave as Christ has taught us but I'm glad your mum has taught you the truth. She sounds like an awesome woman to be receiving such high praise from her son.

I've personally found that Jesus continues to work on changing me as I stay focused on him but I've still got a lot of rough edges too.

Stop by any time you want and feel free to comment as you feel led. I've already subscribed to your blog so I'll be able to keep up with what you post. BTW, don't worry about me. Just be yourself. I'm okay with that.

I'll try to remember that you're actually a dummy but right now you're still a genius and a hero to me.

Manuela said...

Hi!. I'm glad your blog's "unlocked". Yay to Simon. I'm not sure what a site meter is, but now I'm scared of them. Still frequent your blog and enjoy it :) I wanna check out the book you posted about below. Sounds very cool...

Aida said...

Hi Manuela,

A sitemeter is a wonderful little gizmo the gives me information as to who's checking my blog, how they found it and what they looked at. Unfortunately, it seems to have really gone crazy since yesterday so I don't plan to re-install it for a while.

Boy! I'm sure glad my blog got unlocked. I was a little nervous there for a while and I want to second that "yay for Simon!" With all of that praise, he may have to get a really BIG baseball cap.

I haven't gotten my book yet but Jim's website looks really good so I think I'll enjoy reading it. If you get it, let me know what you think about it. Maybe we can all share what we're learning and help one another.

Anonymous said...


I always enjoy when I see on my RSS Feeds that you have a new entry. So, when I went to check it both yesterday and Thursday, I could not. :( Yesterday I was having the toughest time getting to it. (That lovely little window popping up, then shutting down your page).

Yeah! I'm so glad your Blog is up and running again!

Ha ha ha ha! I love today's Blog specifically about this! You have such a wonderful sense of humor! (Cyber-hug).

Amy :)

Deb said...

OK...whew, glad that's all taken care of! I was going to ask WHAT is a sitemeter, but someone beat me to it! :-) I loved the blog with the humor in it.....just couldn't think of what that was and it didn't sound like a good thing that you were locked out of your own blog! Way to go Simon!!! Our HERO!!! :-)

lydia joy said...

Glad you got your blog back, and thanks for the warning you sent me! I haven't had any trouble whatsoever, but I did get another warning from someone else about it. I haven't opened my sitemeter, and don't plan to.....perhaps I will remove it.
It's funny just the other day I was wondering if someday my blog would vanish into cyberspace or get hacked or something, so I just prayed about it...and I think I will go ahead and print it all out soon, just in case!!!!
Much grace and peace to you today Aida, and thank you Simon for sharing the love!!!!

Aida said...

Yes, Amy, I remember that horrid little box since I saw it many times. Hopefully, I'll never see it again.

I really had a lot of fun posting this blog. Sometimes we can get so serious that we forget it's okay to have fun too.

Thanks for the hug. I'm sending one back to you too.


Aida said...

Deb, I'm really glad the crisis is over. I guess the next step would have been to contact the Department of Homeland Security but due to Simon's heroic efforts that was unnecessary. Yes! Simon is definitely a hero of mega-proportions.

Aida said...

Lydia, I'm glad your blog is safe. I tried checking into it after I had problems with mine but couldn't get in so I knew the terrorists had targeted your blog too. Who knows where it could have gone from there had they been successful?

Okay now. Back to reality.

Sitemeter has posted a message saying that they've cleared up the problem. Also, I've been able to open up my account using your sitemeter icon so I think everything is okay.

A while back, Joel posted a link to a blogger backup that I started using. He said that it'll save our blogs so I feel pretty confident about it. However, I can't remember the link for it.

Hey, Joel! Are you out there? If so, can you help with that info?

Lydia, if he doesn't respond, maybe you can email him.

lydia joy said...

Thanks Aida, helpful insight...!!

Aida said...

Thanks, Lydia. I'm glad it was helpful.

rob horton said...


what kind of sitemeter was it? i have tried a variety in the past and thus i was curious.


Aida said...

Hi Rob,

As far as I know, it's just called sitemeter. You used to have it on your blog a while back. You must have unsubscribed.

rob horton said...

thanks for the info aida. when i redid my template a few weeks back, i opted to not include that code. it sounds like it was good that i didn't. i still get an email from them, but because the code is not on my blog, it says i have zero visitors.

Aida said...

Rob, that's the one. They seem to have the problem corrected now. Lydia still has it on her blog and I can now get into her blog. I can also open my sitemeter by using her icon. I'll probably be merciful and give them a second chance but, if they mess up again, they're history as far as I'm concerned.

Aida said...

It looks like I'm having another problem since comments being submitted aren't being posted. This is frustrating to say the very least.