Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jim Robbins interview

Jim Robbins, author of Recover Your Good Heart, was recently a guest on a Family Room Media podcast entitled A New Heart dated 8/20/08. It was a great interview which I think everyone would enjoy hearing. Jim's emphasis is that in Christ, we've been given a new heart which is good. This is totally different from what we're told in most churches.

During the podcast, Jim made some profound statements that really impacted me and I want to share a few of them with you.

He said, "It's not just about being forgiven; it's the offer of a new heart."

Regarding the message taught at most churches today, he said, "The message of you're not doing enough morphs into you're not good enough."

Referring to the New Testament function of preaching, he said " Preaching has to change from ' our job is to make you something' to 'our job is to help you release something'."

"Our job becomes to help you release those resources that are store up in your heart."

To listen to this podcast, follow either this link or this link.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aida,

I'm new to FBN, and I was reading your blogs posted over there about spiritual abuse. I've recently left some abusive situations, and I wanted to let you know that your blogs were truly meaningful to me. Thank you for taking the time to post those 3 parts.

Also, I've been curious about Jim Robbin's book so I'll go check out the podcast. Thanks for sharing your heart.


Aida said...

Hi Chris,

I remember you from the FBN and I appreciate you checking out my blogs. I believe spiritual abuse is a bigger problem than we realize because it's being swept under the rug in a lot of cases.

I'm glad my blogs were helpful. BTW, there's actually four of my blogs about spiritual abuse posted on FBN. There's a fourth one on the second page. Also, on the sidebar of this blog, I've listed some additional resources on spiritual abuse that you might find helpful.

I'm still reading Jim's book and enjoying it and I highly recommend it based on what I've read.

Coming out of an abusive situation, I believe you've found a good place to heal over at the FBN.

Chris, I look forward to getting to know you better. Thanks for stopping by.

cybeRanger said...

Greetings in our Lord.
You are blessed greatly to be a blessing. Keep up blogging so that people will have a good opinion of God :)


Anonymous said...


Wanted to let you know that I downloaded Jim's book today. Excellent so far. Thanks for the recommendation.


Aida said...

Cyberanger, thanks for stopping by and for your words of encouragement.

Aida said...

Chris, I'm glad you're enjoying Jim's book. He says a lot of things that have really gotten me thinking.