Sunday, October 5, 2008

He is my identity

My friend, Mark, likes to send me videos which I always enjoy. I thought this one about our identity in Christ was great so just sit back and let the truth of who we are sink in as you watch and listen.

Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:31-32 (King James Version)


Tracy Simmons said...

Aida, this is so perfect for me after the week I've had! I just posted on having to wrestle with truth this week, and this video was the yummy frosting on the cake for me!

Joel B. said...

Excellent stuff! In his book Leadership That Builds People, Vol II, James B. Richards says the following (along with a bunch of other great stuff):

"Jesus’ preparation for life and ministry was totally based on establishing His heart in His identity. Identity is the first step toward self worth. It is the foundation for life and ministry. No person will ever walk in what God has provided apart from a Biblically based self-worth. None of the truths we believe will consistently work from a heart that is affected by rejection and insecurity..."

"...Your Father determines your identity. In discovering and believing who His Father really
was, Jesus found His true identity. Likewise, as a new creation in Christ, we must first and foremost be established in our new identity..."

"...The problem is, we do not believe our identity. We do not know or do not believe who we are. Remember; grace, which is God’s ability, works through faith. The grace to walk in your identity cannot come if you do not believe your identity."

It's been my ongoing observation and frustration that the church seeks to establish people in works, and in doing so robs people of knowing their true identity.

Maureen said...

Wow Aida, this is powerful. And beautiful. And excellent. And best of all, it's TRUE!!!!!

Thanks so much. I am posting a link to it.

Bless you,

Bino M. said...


Aida said...

I can't believe this!! I spent a lot of time this morning posting a response to everyone's comments and now it's gone. Once I get over being frustrated, I'll try again.

Joel B. said...


I hate when that happens! I'll share a tip that I've learned, that I do all the time now. I do this whether posting in a forum or on a blog or wherever, if I've spent some time writing my thoughts. Before I send my comment, I highlight all my text and hit Ctrl + c on the keyboard (which copies my text). I then send the comment. If for some reason it doesn't go through, I start a new comment and simply hit Ctrl + v, which pastes my text back to the screen.

I don't know if this was the problem you encountered this time around, but I thought I'd share this because too many times I've lost what I've written, and this has helped to save a lot of frustration. :)

Aida said...

Joel, I’ll have to try that. A lot of times if I think about it and the comment is long, I’ll do it as a word document and then copy and paste it on. Yesterday, I did it before I went to work and was rushed so I forgot. I like your idea. It seems simpler so I think I’ll try it. It’ll have to be something I do ALL the time or else I’ll forget. Thanks for the advice.

Aida said...
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Aida said...
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Aida said...

The two deletes are me trying to figure out Joel's suggestion. I think I've got it now. Thanks again, Joel.

Aida said...

Okay. I think I’m over being frustrated so I’ll try again.

Tracy, I’m glad you were encouraged by this video. Isn’t that just like our Daddy to send the right encouragement just when we need it.

Joel, great quotes. It never occurred to me that Jesus had to also be established in his identity as a child of God. Even Jesus couldn’t do the works that he did until he knew who he was. If that was true of him, it’s even more so of us.

The last quote is really good. Religion focuses much attention on works and almost none on who we are. Yet, if the emphasis was put on establishing us in our identity, the works would automatically follow.

Maureen, I’m glad you were encouraged by this video. I’m sure your readers will enjoy seeing it. It really is very powerful.

Bino, I couldn’t agree with you more.