Sunday, December 14, 2008

The heart and the power of believe

A friend of mine recently sent the following email to Darin Hufford. Her email documents an amazing report of how medical science is now confirming the truth about our hearts. I think it’s a fascinating report that will be very encouraging so I’m posting it here in its entirety.

A letter I received about the "Believe" blogs by Nancy Rankin

Hey Darin,

In reference to your recent blogs about the power of believe...and how some folks didn't seem to quite "get it."

I submit this under the category of fascinating, or maybe science catching up with the bible?

Dr Andrew Armour Ph.D. is a heart specialist who noticed the presence of neurons in the heart - he noted a sophisticated collection of these and learned that the heart contains a complex nervous system of its own. He soon realized there is a more intimate connection between the heart and brain than had previously been known or understood. Indeed, the doctor claims that the heart actually sends more information to the brain than the other way around! Dr Armour has written a pamphlet called, Anatomical and Functional Principles. His publisher makes the following comment about this writing:

Groundbreaking research in the field of neurocardiology has established that the heart is a sensory organ and a sophisticated information encoding and processing center, with an extensive intrinsic nervous system sufficiently sophisticated to qualify as a "heart brain" ....Armour discusses intriguing data documenting the complex neuronal processing and memory capabilities of the intrinsic cardiac nervous system, indicating that the heart brain can process information and make decisions about its control independent of the central nervous system. By providing an understanding of the elaborate anatomy and physiology of the cardiac nervous system, this monograph contributes to the newly emerging view of the heart as a complex, self-organized system that maintains a continuous two-way dialogue with the brain and the rest of the body. (source:

Professor Paul Pearsall Ph.D. also made a contribution to the new discussion of the intelligence of the human heart. After interviewing nearly 150 heart and other organ transplant recipients, Pearsall proposed the once staggering concept that cells of living tissue could have the capacity to remember.

"...Paul Pearsall is one of many researchers who observed that transplant patients who receive an organ from another person's body may also receive much more -- what he calls their "cellular memories." Recipients have reported inheriting everything from the donor's food cravings to knowledge about his murderer -- information that in one case led to the killer's arrest. As a result of these and other researchers' findings, Pearsall is now convinced that the heart has its own form of intelligence that we are only rarely aware of in modern life.

In his view, the heart processes information about the body and the outside world through an "info-energetic code" -- a profuse network of blood vessels and cells that serves not only as our circulatory system but as an energy information gathering and distribution system, much like a complex telephone network. What's more, he believes that the soul, at least in part, is a set of cellular memories that is carried largely by our hearts. Predictably, such views have met with opposition in the medical world. But in his view, the implications of his theories -- that the heart "thinks," cells remember, and communication can therefore transcend the boundaries of time and space -- are too important for him to dismiss." (These comments come from here:

The extensive research of Armour and others show that there can now be no going back - we can all now state quite dogmatically that the relationship between the heart and brain has been hugely underestimated and that the heart contains more brain-like capacities than anyone would have thought just a very few years ago. There is an inter-change between heart and brain with the brain actually receiving more information from the heart than vice versa. No one would have believed this only 5-10 years ago! Armour's separate and unassociated area of research to the 'transplanted memory' phenomenon has shown that there is no biological reason why the heart cannot store memories, thoughts and passions.

[nancy] I'm thinking this means that the biblical concept you talk and teach of about the heart and spirit can no longer be taken as purely poetic? Yes, Darin, there really is such a thing as a power of believe in the human heart. Yipee!

I'm not saying any thing except that I found the information fascinating and related to the "power of believe concept"...and that evangelical Christians are not interested and are calling all such research occultist and pseudo spiritual. I'm surprised.

Anyway, for what it's worth...I "get you" and I appreciate you just continuing to be so dang real spiritually. I included source sites but not as an endorsement that I believe it all. I know God doesn't have to make sense but I just really like it when he does.

nancy in corpus christi

I believe this report provided by Nancy gives us a perfect description of how Father communicates with us through our hearts and the heart then communicates that information to the rest of the body. Like Nancy, I think it's interesting how science is confirming the truth revealed to us in the Bible.

Darin’s blogs about the power of believe can be read at his website, The Free Believers Network. These blogs are What it means to Believe, The Unstoppable-Irresistible Power of Believe and Piggy-Backing Believe.

Jim Robbins’ has also done some excellent teaching about our new heart. To read Jim’s writings or to order his book, Recover Your Good Heart, follow this link.

If you’d like to get to know Nancy, an incredible woman of God, check out her page at A Journey to Freedom.


Amy said...

Great post of Nancy's! Thank you for posting it! Wow, what interesting information about the physical, intellectual, spiritual, neural connections between the heart and brain!! Indeed, Papa is a brilliant Creator, so much more so that I believe we can ever fathom.

~Amy :)

Aida said...

Amy, I agree. I'm constantly amazed at how everything in Father's creation just comes together so beautifully. I believe there's so much more that we don't know and may never know but he gives us these little glimpses because he loves to see our sparkling eyes of wonder.

Free Spirit said...

Hey Aida,

That was awesome!!!

I'm surprised that you don't have more comments here! This information is LIFE CHANGING!

It explains to me more of why I believe that so much disease is related to heart stress in relationships. I know particularly with MS that there's a huge correlation between the onset of any symptoms and a really traumatic or stressful experience that one undergoes (like the kind that affects the heart).

It's also why I believe that healing can occur (apart from His just wanting to) when we allow Him to heal our heart's hurts first.

Don't know if that makes sense to you. But, I'm still believing for myself to see full healing, and I have a sneaking suspicion, (based on my own experience) that it will start (and maybe finish) in the heart.

This was so good to hear. It also firms up my belief
about the power of believing.

Thanks for the info, and all the links!!

Aida said...

Free Spirit, I thought this was an amazing post myself but everyone is in a different place so I know what I post won’t be helpful to everyone and that’s okay. I’m just glad when it connects with the right person as this one apparently has.

I’m agreeing with you that you will receive a full healing and I’m glad this post was an encouragement to you.