Sunday, December 7, 2008

John the Baptist in context

Darin Hufford has posted a blog about John the Baptist that has blown me away. His insight into John’s ministry is amazing!

Darin opens by discussing a prayer that most of us have prayed at one time or another. “Lord, less of me and more of you.” This prayer sounds so humble and so very spiritual but Darin immediately knocks over this sacred cow by explaining that a prayer of this nature is far from Father’s heart. As he describes it, Father doesn’t want to “hijack our body and then use it as a traveling earth suit.”

Darin’s explanation of John’s intent opened my heart to understand John’s ministry in a new and exciting way. “John the Baptist was not talking about himself when he said, ‘He must become greater, I must become less.’ He was talking about his sphere of influence, his following. John was simply saying that everyone who followed him and his ministry in preparation for the coming Messiah must now leave him and go with Jesus. The ministry of Jesus must become greater and the ministry of John must become less.”

Darin says that this one fact changes everything and I believe it does. I highly recommend this blog. To read it in its entirety, follow this link. I believe you’ll be glad you did.


ViolableWings said...

I'm all over it Aida!!! Thank you for the pass on :-) I have been meaning to keep more of an eye on his blogs, I guess I am going to have to add it as a link on my blog :-) that may help lol.

Aida said...

Ron, I think you'll like this one. We also post Darin's blogs in the Free Believers section of our forum on A Journey to Freedom if it's easier for you to go there. Either way, I think Darin's blogs are worth keeping up with.

Adam said...

The biggest sphere of influence one has is on oneself! If the cross is not taken up daily then there will be more of flesh and less of Spirit.

So I don't entirely agree with Darin although I understand his intent. (Well I think I do :-)). I understand the context but in this case I believe the spiritual application to the individual believer is valid.

The quote...Father doesn’t want to “hijack our body and then use it as a traveling earth suit.” ... is a misrepresentation of the work of the indwelling Christ when one submits (willingly and by the "Law of Love") to that very Spirit!

In the same way "demon possession" does not make one a total zombie. It requires a participation by the one who is "oppressed" or "possessed".

How I wish that I was decreased to the extent that Christ IN me was all that flowed from me. I consider it a incredible and immense priviledge to be used as an earth suit for His absolute use!!

He will increase; May my decrease be by voluntary submission!

Free Spirit said...

I liked that a bunch, Aida!

Very interesting connection with the "beheading" of the institution.

And I loved the revelation that Jesus didn't bail John out of jail. I've heard it said, and happen to agree, that nowhere in scripture does He promise to deliver us from persecution. He delivers us from many things, but persecution is not one of them.

Thanks for the link!

Aida said...

Adam, I appreciate your comments. I was having difficulty writing a response so I asked Darin for his input. He shared some things that really clarified a lot for me and I hope his comments will also be helpful for you. I’m going to share what he wrote since I can’t explain it as well as he can.

He said that the "indwelling Spirit is not something that is supposed to drain us of ourselves but rather to magnify the authentic self that God created in us.” Darin made a distinction between the flesh and our inner person by saying, “The flesh is not the essence of who we are. It's just the stuff that is attached to us. We can get rid of all "flesh (sinful nature)" and still have "ME or US" left. That's the part that God wants to INCREASE. This article was written for people who have been convinced by a religious system that they were supposed to get rid of the "Me" part of them as well; as though that somehow glorifies God or makes him happy.”

In reading Darin’s blog, I wasn’t really thinking about the distinction between the flesh and “ME.” His additional comments, in my opinion, brought greater clarity. I hope this helps you to understand his purpose in writing this blog.

Aida said...

Free Spirit, there’s so much to think about on Darin’s post and I’m still processing it. I think he made some really great point and I’m glad you enjoyed what he had to say.

Adam said...


Thanks for going the extra mile.


Aida said...

Hi Adam,

I'm glad Darin's additional comments were helpful. They helped me too so I'm glad he was able to clarify. Thanks for bringing it up.