Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Recover Your Good Heart" online study

Sunday night was the first night of Joel’s online study of Jim Robbins’ book “Recover Your Good Heart.” There were seven of us who took part and we didn’t get very far into the study but we did have a good time.

It was a slow beginning while Joel took care of some techie stuff. While we were waiting, the rest of us talked and got to know each other. Although unplanned, this was one of my favorite parts. Other than Joel, I had really interacted with only one other person so it was great making new friends and getting to know people that I had only known by name.

The actual study consisted in discussing the five questions Jim asks in his introduction. This generated some great discussion and helped us to focus on where we'll be heading as a group in the next few weeks. We had some really great comments considering that most participants hadn’t read either the book or the workbook.

When Joel first mentioned this study, I wasn’t really sure I wanted to participate but I finally decided to give it a try primarily because of my friendship with Joel and Ron. I think the first night went well and I really enjoyed our time together.

The second study will be this Sunday night and, if you think you’d like to participate, it’s not too late to join in. For more details, check out Joel’s invitation at Grace Roots.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed it too Aida, Anne and I are really looking forward to both Steve's teaching and the following study, I'm glad to know we will see you there again :-). I know its hard to figure out who is talking, Anne or myself, LOL but its kind of funny that way, we work well together so as I type what I am thinking, and she is saying what she thinks, it comes to a sort of mesh of both that somehow makes sense hahaha, we are one, we are Borg!! hehehe. Lilly was begging to get into the talk, but since she is so pushy about it we had to put her to bed without kibble :-D maybe next time.

Aida said...

Ron, I'm looking forward to joining in again tomorrow night. I even re-read the next chapter so I'll be ready.

I like having you and Anne both involved. You're fortunate to both be on the same page.

I guess Lilly will just have to be patient and wait her turn. I'm sure she could add a lot to the conversation.