Saturday, March 7, 2009

An amazing story of God's love and grace

Darin Hufford has posted on his website a letter he received from a free believer.

Shannon Brown and her family had been members of a cult for 13 years. As anyone who has been in an abusive church knows, freedom is not automatic. It’s a process and usually a lengthy difficult one. In her letter to Darin, Shannon shares her experiences in the cult and her journey to freedom after she and her family left.

I believe Shannon’s story will be an encouragement to all of us and will give us hope as we navigate the often difficult journey to freedom from the shame and condemnation of oppressive religion. She has graciously given me permission to share her story so to read it in its entirety, follow this link.


Set Free said...

Aida, Thanks so much for posting this. I feel like I could have written that letter myself. I too added a link to your blog and this letter on my blog. God Bless You for the time you take to try to help others.

Aida said...

Set Free, it's amazing how similar all of our stories are. I'm glad you've linked to Shannon's story. I believe it'll be a great encouragement to many as they travel their often difficult journey to freedom.

Thanks for stopping by to encourage me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aida, like SetFree said, this letter feels all to familiar. Thanks for linking to it, it's always a comfort to not feel alone. And and to have dear loving souls like you to hold out a hand of friendship and kinship to the hurting and alone is a world of healing in itself. God bles you Aida my friend.

Free Spirit said...

WOW! Just WOW!!

I'm really pretty naive to spiritual abuse. I guess I was lucky enough to have not been exposed to such (at least, as far as I can tell - and if I was, it was on a small scale compared to this story here) in the churches in which I attended.

Thanks for blowing the whistle here!!

Aida said...

Ron, secrecy is one of the things that abusive churches thrive on. The "no talk rule" isolates us from others and makes us feel like we're all alone and that something must be wrong with us for us to have experienced this. The truth is we're not alone and many others have gotten past abuse and are now living in the freedom that Christ came to give us.

I appreciate your kind words and I'm thankful if anything I've said has been an encouragement to you or to anyone else.

You're a great guy and I'm glad your my friend.


Aida said...

Tammy, until I ended up in an abusive church, I didn't know those things even existed. It was only as I left and began to search the internet for answers that I discovered how common this problem is. It definitely is swept under the rug.

I'm glad there are now so many sites devoted to spiritual abuse and I'm thankful if I can encourage someone on their journey to wholeness.

Thanks for your encouragement.

The Cult Next Door said...

Thank you for your kind comments on the Cult Next Door blog-
making the journey out of spiritual abuse with support of fellow travellers such as yourself makes the road easier.

Aida said...

Shannon, that was an awesome blog and it obviously connected with many people.

I'm enjoying getting to know you and it's a pleasure travelling with you to greater depths of freedom in Christ.