Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dealing with questions

I just read a post on Wayne Jacobsen's blog entitled, Questions, Questions, Questions. In it, he discussed how we have a tendency to let our questions hold us back from moving forward in this life of grace. We feel like we have to have all of our ducks in a row and we have to have all of our questions answered before we're willing to move forward.

This life of grace is meant to be lived and not dissected. I believe we need to move forward with what understanding we do have and as we do, God will enlighten us further. We'll never in this world and maybe never throughout all eternity understand the fullness of God's love and grace but the only way to grow in understanding is to live it.

Grace is a heart thing. While we can understand aspects of it intellectually, we'll never experience the fullness of it until we decide to live it even when we don't understand it. We have to be willing to trust that God loves us and will not allow us to drift away.

I've come to believe that my heart knows and understands his love even if my head doesn't. I'm seeking to re-connect with my heart so that living in Father's affection becomes a natural way of life for me. I'm a cautious person by nature. I like to think things through. I normally don't just go out and act without a lot of thought. That's okay but there has to come a time in my life when I make a decision that I'm moving forward even when my head is screaming a loud, "NO!!!"

Once I've connected with my heart, it's time to move forward. This is a lesson that I've been slow to learn so I really appreciate Wayne's encouragement. The comments to the post were also good and I would suggest reading them too.

I want to move forward into the wonderful things God's got planned for me. While I can't trust myself to fully understand, I can trust him to keep me from falling just as he said he would do.


lionwoman said...

Aida, I agree. I'm a big questioner myself. I'm going to determine to keep moving forward, as I've found that Father usually answers questions after I've started moving forward, rather than before. Thank you, this is great!

Aida said...

Thanks for sharing, Amy. I've made that decision myself. It may only be a baby step forward but as we continue to take those baby steps, we'll enter into a greater depth of knowing.