Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Giving - Darin Hufford quotes

I recently listened to Darin Hufford’s series on giving. When I first saw the topic, I wasn’t very excited. I’ve heard enough sermons on giving to make me decide that I don’t want to hear any more. Anyway, I decided to give Darin a chance and see what he had to say. I’m glad I did because he has great insight and instead of producing shame and guilt, in my opinion, what he said produced greater freedom and joy.

Some of the great points he brought out were:

“Anything given or done under any other motivation than love is not true giving.”

“If you have your eyes on receiving, you do not have the heart of God yet.”

“It doesn’t take great faith to give. It takes great love . . . It’s extremely Old Testament to unite faith with giving. When you unite faith with giving, you kill it.”

“You are supposed to now get the joy out of giving and let others receive.”

“If you’re giving for the sake of giving, you’re under the law and there’s no power in that.”

As with everything Darin teaches, I found this series opened my heart to understand more of God's nature and His heart regarding giving.


Joel B. said...

Those are great quotes. Giving has become such a huge "subject" and "principle" in the lives of Christians, when it's really nothing more than us expressing the heart of God toward others. I really don't think there are any rules, methods, promises or principles that can get us to that place. It's simply a matter of loving others as God loves us, as we grow in His love.

Aida said...

“. . . it's really nothing more than us expressing the heart of God toward others.”

I think that’s beautifully put, Joel, and you’ve perfectly described what true giving really is. I believe God intends giving to be an extension of his love into the world.

lionwoman said...

I'm going to have to listen to this one! I also felt I'd had my fill of "giving" teachings... the stuff they tell you at IC... a mixed message of "give cheerfully" and "you owe God." I'm so glad for better teachings... thanks for sharing!

Aida said...

Amy, I think you would enjoy it. There was a lot of truth in those audio teachings.

In the institution, we’re basically told that giving to the system is the same as giving to God. This is necessary because money is needed to keep the system operating. They know if we knew the truth, we’d follow our hearts regarding giving and they would collect much less in the offerings.