Thursday, April 9, 2009

“Not of My Making” review

Well, I finally finished reading Margaret Jones’ book, “Not of My Making.” I’ve been wanting to write a review but haven’t been sure how to put my thoughts on paper. Today, I read a review that Margaret posted on her Facebook and, after I read it, I decided to post a link to that review because the reviewer expressed my thoughts perfectly.

Given the circumstances as Margaret describes them, I’m not sure I would have reacted as she did nor would I have come to the conclusions she did. Of course, I never suffered the severe traumas that she did as a child and, if I had, maybe my perspective would have been more like hers. From what she has stated in her book, it does seem that there was a certain amount of breach of trust but I wonder if it wasn’t due more to carelessness than to actual spiritual abuse.

I recently spoke with her and enjoyed the conversation. I do believe that she has attempted to be fair to all involved in spite of her feelings. I look forward to her visit on Monday and perhaps her sharing will answer some of these questions.

To read this review, follow this link.

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