Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thoughts for the day after the Virtual Book Tour

I want to thank Margaret Jones for stopping by on her virtual book tour and sharing part of her journey with us here yesterday. Margaret is truly an amazing woman whose heart is to see others set free.

Even if you didn’t get a chance to post a question or comment yesterday, it’s still not too late. I’m sure she will still be available to respond. I appreciate all of you who stopped by. I know some stopped here but didn't post a comment and that’s alright.

Spiritual abuse is painful to discuss but if believers don’t speak out, nothing will change. Hopefully, we’ve all become more aware of the abuse that takes place and are more knowledgeable as to how to help those who have been victimized.


Margaret said...

Thanks, Aida, It is hard for survivors to talk about the trauma that altered their lives but you are absolutely right, nothing changes until we find out voice and speak out. I will be checking in now and again joining in on the discussion about spiritual abuse when I think I have something of value to say. Thanks again for hosting me.

lionwoman said...

Margaret, thanks again for sharing. I am saddened again that there is no 'safe' denomination, where abuse won't ever happen. In this very religious area where I live, I wonder what Father's plans are for us ... As I wait to see, though, I am learning a lot.

Margaret said...


Churches are made up of people. People sin. I think the abuse continues because people believe churches are holy places and if bad things happen there it has to be due to an evil person. I have learned to speak up for myself better. I strive to be kind and loving towards others and not worry if they will be loyal friends. Perhaps this is the role God wants me to play in the world - of the outsider on the margins. that gives me more freedom to speak out since I have little to loose.