Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Misunderstood God

For some time, Darin Hufford has been working with Windblown Media on a rewrite of his excellent book, “The God’s Honest Truth.” Windblown Media is the publisher of “The Shack”, a book written by William P. Young, which skyrocketed to success and was listed by The New York Times on their bestsellers list. Darin’s book is now finished and ready to be released in early November under the title of “The Misunderstood God: The Lies Religion Tells Us About God.”

Darin self-published the original book and I’m excited that this wonderful book will now be available for wider distribution. Anyone who reads my blog with any regularity knows that I’ve been greatly impacted by this book and by Darin’s ministry. Since reading his book and getting involved with his ministry, my life hasn’t been the same. Darin opened my eyes and helped me to see the loving Father that religion had hidden from me. I don’t think any other book has impacted my life as much as this one has and I’m looking forward to getting my copy of Darin's new book.

If anyone hasn’t read “The God’s Honest Truth,” I highly recommend reading it as well as the new version, “The Misunderstood God.”

To read detailed information about this new book by Darin Hufford, follow this link.


lionwoman said...

I like the new cover. I hope this book sells like hotcakes. I'm thinking maybe the "Shack" phenomenon helped pave the way for more eye-opening, heart-opening reads. While the success of this book may further limit any contact with Darin because he's so busy, I'm still eager to see this book hit the market. The Church needs to hear this.

Aida said...

I love the new cover too. It's very appealing to the eyes.

I definitely think The Shack opened many doors that previously had been closed. I'm excited about this new book and, like you, hope it's a runaway bestseller. Darin said that people who have read a pre-released copy said it's better than the original and you know I much I love TGHT.

We think he's hard to get a hold of now but I imagine it'll be next to impossible then. However, I agree. The church needs to hear this message. I know how much it's meant to me and I want others to have the same opprtunity as I had.

Dave said...

Hi Aida

I've gotten to know Darin a bit through the "Into the Wild" podcasts and through "The God Journey" guys, Brad and Wayne. Like Brad and Wayne and Paul Young, I am finding Darin to be another mouthpiece from Father's heart.

I haven't read "The God's Honest Truth" but was fortunate to get a preview copy of "The Misunderstood God" at the BookExpo in New York last week. I began reading it on the train ride home and now find myself eager to pick it up and continue reading whenever I can.

There is so much that has already impacted me in the first few chapters I've read.

“…until we’re able to receive authentic kindness, we will never know God’s heart. Anyone can do a nice thing. It doesn’t require love, but a kind thing always hits the heart because it is directed by love. Niceness is appreciated; kindness brings you to your knees and exposes intimate parts of you that you’ve kept hidden all your life. This is why we would rather have people be nice to us than kind. Niceness keeps its distance, but kindness invades. Niceness makes us smile, but kindness can make us cry. Niceness pats us on the back, but kindness reaches into the heart and massages it. Niceness asks “How are you doing?” but kindness really wants to know the answer. And usually, it already does.”

I am looking forward to seeing where the Lord will take that book. The problem I see with things like this book, The Shack or anything else that we find so impacting, is that we have the potential of turning something into a movement. Or worse, someone into the next guru. I have been learning not to trust myself or my own motives. Oh how we need Jesus!

I sense that Darin's head and heart are in the right place.

I hope to get to know you more, Aida.

In Him we live.


Aida said...

Dave, I can really understand how you feel. Two years ago, a link was posted on The God Journey forum to the first three chapters of TGHT. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I absolutely had to read the entire book so I contacted Darin to order a copy. Since then, Darin and I have become good friends and I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of him.

As you said, his head and his heart are in the right place. I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for him since I know he doesn’t just talk the message, he lives it.

I’ve read my copy of TGHT several times. It’s a book that, IMO, can’t be read just once. His new book is smaller in size but still filled with so much truth that it’s also a book that I know I’ll be reading over and over again.

I understand your concern. I feel with “The Shack” there were a lot of folks who didn’t understand the message but they were jumping on the bandwagon. I suppose there will be some of that with “The Misunderstood God” too. It just seems to be the way people are.

I’m glad you were able to get a copy and are enjoying it. Thanks for your comments. I believe I remember you from The God Journey forum. Stop by any time. I’d love to get to know you better too.