Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Good and Noble Heart podcasts

Jim Robbins, author of “Recover Your Good Heart,” hosts a podcast called The Good and Noble Heart and recently he posted two excellent podcasts.

On June 18, he hosted my good friend and fellow blogger, Joel Brueseke of Grace Roots. Joel has a lot of wisdom and insight as he shares about Father’s love and grace. He has also recently started a Grace Roots ning site which is doing well and he shared with Jim his reason for starting this group.

Yesterday, Jim hosted another mutual friend, Darin Hufford of the Free Believers Network. Darin is the author of “The God Honest Truth,” a wonderful book that has been life changing for me. He’s also authored “The Misunderstood God” which will be released November 2.

Darin and Jim “talked about Darin’s new book, how religious thinking (vs. the Gospel) has distorted love, and what it means to be a free believer.” The discussion exposed the lies we've been told about God and replaced them with truth.

I think you’d enjoy both podcasts. To listen to Jim’s conversation with Joel, follow this link. To listen to Jim’s conversation with Darin, follow this link.

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