Friday, July 31, 2009

The Heart's Code

I just started reading "The Heart's Code" by Paul Pearsall. Before his death in 2007, Dr. Pearsall was a scientist who had come to believe that “the human heart, not the brain, holds the secrets that link body, mind, and spirit.” He believed that the heart has its own intelligence and speaks to us through what he describes as “the heart’s code” and he also believed that our cells have memory. Dr. Pearsall had come to these conclusions through research and clinical studies as well as through his own personal experience of almost dying of cancer. As he was dealing with the illness, he learned how to tap into the healing wisdom of his heart.

So far, I’m finding it a fascinating read and, although I haven’t gotten very far, I’m finding much that’s in agreement with my understanding of the heart. I’ve come to believe God wants us to be led by our hearts and not our heads and that there should be a union between heart and head where the head supports the heart as it leads.

Rather than trying to put what was written into my own words, I’m going to let the book speak for itself by posting a few quotes from it.

“Our ancestors knew that the heart had energy – a powerful energy – and that it conveyed deep wisdom. However, as the human species developed its brain, it began to lose sight of its heart. At this point in history as we venture into space, create global communication, and invent all sorts of technological tools and toys, we are poised to destroy ourselves, our children, and everything around us. Have we simply lost our minds, or have we lost something deeper? Have we lost our hearts?” (Foreword as written by Dr. Gary E. R. Schwartz and Dr. Linda G. S. Russek)

“The Heart’s Code points the way to a new revolution in our thinking. Metaphorically, the heart is the sun, the pulsing, energetic center of our biophysical “solar” system, and the brain is the earth, one of the most important planets in our biophysical system. One implication of the energy cardiology/cardio-energetic revolution is the radical (meaning “root”) idea that energetically, the brain revolves around the heart, not the other way around.” (Foreword)

“An objective of this book is to offer the possibility of putting more heart into our life by learning to quiet the restless, passionate brain so it may listen for the code of the gentler, more loving heart capable of reminding it that it is supposed to not only fulfill a biological evolutionary imperative but also be an instrument for refinement and expression of the soul.” (page 16)

As Dr. Pearsall explained, this science of energy cardiology is still in the beginning stages and has not been fully accepted by all members of the scientific community. However, like Dr. Pearsall, I believe this may be an important first step in the union of the spiritual and the scientific. For years, I have believed that true science will never contradict the truths of God. If there’s a discrepancy, then either the scientific data is being misinterpreted or the spiritual is being misinterpreted. As God has begun speaking to us about the truths of our good and noble heart, it appears that science is moving closer to agreement with that truth.

In the foreword, I found the following quote by Marcel Proust which I think wonderfully describes the journey I’m on. He said, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes.” I’m thankful that God is giving me new eyes to see what has always been there.

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