Monday, July 27, 2009

The law and sin

Although I’ve known that the Bible says that the law excites and activates sin, I’ve never understood why. Recently, I was listening to a teaching series by Darin Hufford called The Sin Series. It was then that I finally got my answer. Rather than try to explain, I’ve decided to post a few quotes from the series. As you read, be aware that when Darin speaks of “the beast”, he is using that term to refer to sin.

“The reason sin gets power from the law is because the law is anti-choice.”

“The law overrides choice. It forces you to do the right thing so the beast rises up.”

“The law doesn’t take choice into account. It doesn’t even consider choice.”

“So, when the law comes and takes choice away, the beast rises up and goes crazy.”

“Every time you put yourself under the law, the beast rises.”

By putting ourselves under the law, choice is removed and the desire to rebel begins to grow. In order to maintain control, leaders in a law based religious system will promote fear to stop rebellion among its members hoping that fear of the consequences will be greater than the desire for freedom of choice.

However, in Christ there is an answer.

“Christ gives you a new name which is more powerful than the old one and, if you believe it, it restores to you choice.”


sparrow girl said...

This was really enlightening to me. Love does not force but law does. Love does not demand but law does. Love frees and law binds. And love is what draws us to naturally follow God, and law is what brings about rebellion. Giving freedom in love with no demands and no expectations is the most powerful attractive force to good, yet so many believe the force of law is most powerful for good, when it's actually the opposite! Thanks for your posts - very encouraging!

Aida said...

Sparrow girl, I love what you’ve shared here. You’ve beautifully described the essence of love as contrasted to the bondage of law. I couldn’t have said it better.

Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment.