Saturday, September 12, 2009

Heavenly Deception - previous post

A few days ago, I posted a poem written by brettact2. The poem is a description of his journey from spiritual abuse to freedom in Christ. I’m sure many who have been victimized by spiritual abuse can relate to the hurt and the struggles that he describes.

Brett has graciously agreed to make himself available to dialogue with anyone who would like to share their thoughts and their questions. So, if you’ve been touched by the raw honesty of his poem, feel free to add your comments.

Freedom is available to you and I know Brett would love to hear your story and encourage you on your journey to freedom.

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brettact2 said...

Hi. I'm Brett, the author of the Heavenly Deception poem. Can anyone identify with any part of this poem? Which part? Why? Do you still feel like you still don't have your bearings yet in your relationship with God? With other people? How chaotic is that for you? Personally, I wrote this poem after my first venture with a controlling religious group. THEN I went out and voluntarily 'signed on' with 2 more. Can you believe it? I almost lost my mind with the last one. I did this for 5 years before I woke up to my personal misplaced need fulfillment process. We all have them. We REALLY do NEED Jesus, intimately! What has your experience taught you about your life drives' adaptations? Please find the courage to share in this safe place. I read a good quote recently - Courage is not the absense of fear, it's the judgement that something is more important than the fear. God tells us when light is brought into darkness, the darkness loses it's hold, and it takes flight. I encourage you to take steps today to let this be real to you, that you may wake up tomorrow with more of life's light in your soul. Let's hear His voice together, that wholeness may grow and replace the broke places. Otherwise, the enemy is still winning. Peace.