Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Living Word

"Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee."

This Old Testament scripture has been used to promote the practice of scripture memorization. That might have been helpful under the Old Covenant since believers didn't have daily access to the scriptures. The only time they got to hear them read is when they went to the synagogue on the sabbath.

Today, however, we live under a new covenant. We no longer need to go to a building in order to hear the word of God read because he now lives in us. Jesus is the Word of God and, when he comes to live in us, he sets us free from sin. As we become more aware of his life in us, our tendency to sin diminishes.


lionwoman said...

Thanks Aida. Lately I've been pondering Darin's teachings on how we've all been taught to have a relationship with a book instead of a Person. I've wondered how to sort it all out, but this points me back to a simple truth.

Jim Robbins said...

Hi Aida. I also think this passage has been used out of fear: "I'd better be sure to hide God's word in my heart so that I don't fall into sin. I have to make absolutely sure I don't stray in the least." So the motive becomes fear, not love for God and neighbor.

Also, "God's word" has so often been strictly interpreted to mean the written word of God -- which of course is the standard for faith and practice -- yet doesn't rule out his speaking through the vast variety of other means he has at his disposal.
Thanks for reminding us, Aida.

Aida said...

Amy, I agree with Darin. The Bible has become a substitute for a relationship with God. It’s like me reading letters that my husband wrote to someone else but never spending time with him and then calling that a relationship. The Bible may help us come to know ABOUT God but it’ll never help us to actually KNOW him unless we start having a real relationship with him.

Aida said...

Good point, Jim. Fear has become the basis for so much that we’ve done in the religious system.

I believe unless God speaks the words of the Bible to me personally, they remain words spoken to someone else. I’ve mediated on a particular scripture until I heard God say it to me and then it became the word of God for me. Also, as you’ve pointed out, God speaks through many different ways yet we limit him to only one and, as a result, wonder why he doesn’t speak to us.

lionwoman said...

Heh, thanks again Aida. It's funny (well sort of) how fast I forget these basic truths sometimes. I am glad I read this again this morning.

Aida said...

Amy, I have to be reminded of the same thing at times. Maybe that's why I like to blog. I get to remind myself.