Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Preorder: The Misunderstood God

"Is there more to God than meets the religious eye? From the publishers of The Shack comes a provocative book that further unveils the unfathomable love and grace of God. Author Darin Hufford takes God's claim to be love itself and holds it up against God's own definition of love in one of the most beloved passages of the Bible --1 Corinthians 13. Scripture calls him the God of love, but religion often portrays him with the vindictive personality of the devil. Which one is he and how can we be sure? If you've ever struggled to understand the nature of God, this book will help you see that God is truly the definition of love." (ad campaign by Windblown Media)

Scheduled to be released November 2, "The Misunderstood God" is now available for preorder. To read my previous post about "The Misunderstood God," follow this link.


sparrow girl said...

How different is the new book from the old? I have the old one and don't know whether to get the new one or not. Is there new material in the new one?

Aida said...

There are a lot of similarities in both books but Darin completely rewrote the first three chapters so they're totally different than TGHT.