Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Good and Noble Heart podcast

Recently, I was a guest on Jim Robbins' The Good and Noble Heart podcast. Jim is a good friend and we had a blast as we discussed a number of different topics including my journey from the bondage of religious thinking to freedom in Christ.

Part of my journey included being involved in an abusive religious system. Since I've experienced the pain of spiritual abuse, my heart is to see others set free from this oppressive bondage. Jim has also had some experience with spiritual abuse so we were both able to share what we've learned from our different but still very similar experiences.

To hear this podcast, follow this link. I hope you enjoy it.


Sue said...


That's good to know I am now pronouncing your name properly - pretty!!

Great stuff! I so enjoyed listening to you guys talk about spiritual abuse and about living from the heart. Thanks!!

(Oh, and BTW, what was the link to the introvert thing you mentioned? It really struck a chord with me and I *think* I remember you talking about it on TGJ forum? I'd really like to read it if possible because I am in that same sort of space that you were - I always thought I was an extrovert but these days I am really thinking that I am an outgoing introvert or something. I am meeting up for a coffee tomorrow morning with a man who has a group of people who meet and hang out and be believers relationsally together, and so much of my fears seems to be centred around this fear that somehow I will be coerced to do more than I will feel comfortable with or something. I do not know where these fears are coming from ... and just writing this to you now, I think I am starting to understand a bit more why I am so fearful. Last time I was in any sort of group Christian thing I was under the impression I was an extrovert :)

But anyway, thanks again, that was great!

Anonymous said...

Anne and I listened to the podcast the day after it was on, I would to have loved to listened live but I had to go back to work that night. I regret missing the opportunity to put my pizza order in as well lol. We really enjoyed it Aida, and like everyone else who knows you only through chat and blog, I can now pronounce your name correctly haha.
All our love,

Ron and Anne

Aida said...

Sue, after all these years that we’ve known each other, I think it’s good that you finally know how to pronounce my name. LOL

The article I was referring to is one that was posted on TGJ forum by Old Pete. Here’s the link.

Understanding that I’m an introvert has been one of the most freeing discoveries of my life. It has explained a lot about why I feel, think and react the way I do. Now, I just let myself be ME. If I feel uncomfortable doing it, I don’t feel the pressure to force myself anymore.

I hope you enjoy the article and I really do recommend the book too. It’s called “Introvert Power” by Laurie Helgoe. It’s like she’s reading my mail. I think you’d find that book very helpful too.

Thanks for commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast. I had a lot of fun doing it.

Aida said...

Don’t worry. I didn’t get a chance to listen to the podcast live either.

I’m glad you and Ann had a chance to listen to it together and that you enjoyed it. Now, all of my friends should know how to pronounce my name. I’ll have to test you later to see if you remember.

I’ll bet Leonard didn’t save you any pizza either.

Sue said...

Ahh, thanks Aida. Yes, I remember that article now. I remember I ate it up at the time ... but not really applying it so much to myself. But goodness me, I can go for days without seeing other people.

It's fascinating to make the distinctions, and to realise that it's okay to be introverted. I have been doing that very thing quite strongly for the past few years. How strange to redefine things about yourself when you always thought you were "this way". (I feel in hindsight when I was young and extroverted that I was "acting" in some respects. Funny).

I am so glad you are more comfortable in yourself in that respect. How wonderful to be able to do life at your own rhythms, without feeling like you have to conform to someone else's rhythm. People get sick that way.

Bino M. said...

Hi Aida- I am at work so I have to wait till I get home to listen to the podcast. It's been a quite a while since I visited any blogs (still kinda getting adjusted with the new work schedule and all). Today I got some free time and decided to visit your blog. I was pleasently surprised to see the new layout. I absolutly loved it. The header is amazing. Your pic with Charlie is wonderful. Texts are very readable and the overall look and feel makes a pleasent feeling.

Glad to see you are actively blogging. I wish I could start posting more regularly as well. But in the current phase of life I am not getting enough time as I like to, to do things I really like.

Hope you and Charlie are doing well in the Lord. Though we don't communicate that often, I think about all our grace friends all the time.

Grace and peace to you,

Aida said...

Sue, since I tend to be sociable at times and I love to talk, I tried to force myself into the extrovert mold so, like you, I pretended an awful lot but it never felt comfortable. Redefining myself is like discovering a totally new ME. It’s wonderful and amazing!

Aida said...

Hey Bino! Jim Robbins is the creative genius behind my blog’s new look. He offered to do it and, of course, I jumped at the chance. It was all his creation and I made no suggestions but I did write a post about it.

I’m glad you like the picture. We took it when we went to the mountains this summer. I need to enlarge it but haven’t gotten around to it yet. It took me months to get it up there. Hopefully it won’t take me months to re-size it . LOL

I don’t check out blogs like I used to either. I really miss everyone and I keep trying to get back to it but it never seems to work out. I hate that our wonderful blogging community seems to have broken up but I still love all of you and think about you too. It’s wonderful to hear from you! I’ve really been missing you.

I hope your new job is still working out well. I know job changes often require a major adjustment. Hopefully, you’ll occasionally get some free time so you can do more blogging. Your blog was always one of my favorites.