Monday, November 9, 2009

A life changing truth!

I posted on the following review of "Recover Your Good Heart" by Jim Robbins. Jim is a good friend who is gifted in many ways. As you may recall, he designed the beautiful header on my blog.

I've talked a lot about Jim's book but I've never done an actual review. I hope you enjoy my review and will decide to order a copy and read it for yourselves.

"God is more interested in teaching you to live from your new (and good) heart than he is in pressuring you to be a good Christian."

This compelling statement from the back cover of “Recover Your Good Heart” beautifully describes the essence of what Jesus meant when he said that he came to give us abundant life.

We’ve been told that our hearts are wicked. As a result, we spend our lives striving to please a god who is always watching, ready to mete out punishment whenever we fail. This is a scary god who can’t be trusted so we end up hiding, afraid of his wrath. What a sad picture of Christianity today!

Jim Robbins totally dispels this lie. We’re not just worms in the dust waiting for God to pour out his wrath on us. NO! The truth is that we’ve been given a new heart which is filled with God’s life so now we’re his children and he’s eager to pour out a continuous flow of love and grace on us.

Jim, in a style that’s clear and simple to understand, describes the truth about our good and noble heart. Included in the book are stories of people who have been bound by shame and guilt because they’ve believed that no matter what they did, it was never good enough. As they learned the truth about their good hearts and began to live in that reality, their lives were dramatically changed.

I highly recommend this book . As Jim said, "It’s time to set your good heart free . . . " and that’s exactly what I believe will happen for those who read this book and accept the truth that they now have a good heart.


lionwoman said...

Thanks for posting this review, Aida. I have been re-reading this book and believe it is one of a handful that is truly foundational in learning to live in freedom. I hope it gains as much notoriety as I hope "The Misunderstood God" does.

Aida said...

This really is a foundational book, just as you said. I think if we could really get this message, it would make a major difference in how we live our lives.

I agree. I hope this book and “The Misunderstood God’ really take off. The church needs to hear this message.