Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sin and shame part 2: The solution

In an earlier post, I discussed the fact that it’s our shame and not sin that causes a separation between us and God. To get the background, you might want to read that post before reading this one. The comments were really good so I think it would be helpful to read them as well.

Although there had been a barrier, God in his love and mercy, has provided a solution and that solution is the cross. Jesus bore our sins on the cross but more importantly . . . he bore our shame. Shame and sin were nailed to the cross so there’s no longer any separation between God and us. Now, we can enjoy unbroken fellowship with him.

Since I’ve grown in the security of God’s love, I no longer spend a lot of time worrying about sin. To be honest, I rarely think about it. This actually concerned me more than the actual sin itself. However, I’ve since come to understand that an over concern with sin is a shame based behavior that Jesus dealt with on the cross. Because shame has been removed, sin should no longer be the focus of our attention. Now that I’m free, my attention can be focused on God and his love.

When I blow it, I don’t have to run from him in shame. Instead, I can go to him confident that I’m loved and accepted. Love (God) is patient. He understands our humanness and that at times, we may even be stubborn and want our own way. Yet, he still loves us.

As I’m learning to live more deeply in his love, God’s healing those broken places in my life that have caused me to sin. Now, I can stop beating myself over the head when I miss it. Instead . . . I can accept my humanness and live free from shame knowing that I’m fully loved and accepted by God.


Mishi said...

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Aida said...

Thanks, Mishi. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I hope you had a great day!

Karen (SoCal) said...

beautifully said Aida. i think there is more about the garden that we have gotten wrong but i'm not sure what it is, i just have a sense. but the fact that it was shame and not sin that separated us is huge. it was shame that drove the wedge between us and Papa, not sin. the shame made us feel separated and kept us focused on "we are bad" and that just made us focus on our sin and kept us sinning even more.our true self got lost in the lie of shame. Keep it comin Aida....great stuff!!!

Jim Robbins said...

Aida, you're so right about the nature of shame. It's so destructive because it prevents us from receiving.

Aida said...

Thanks, Karen and Jim. Understanding that shame is what causes the separation and not sin is critical. Yet, God in his love and mercy even provided a solution for that so that we can now enter into unbroken fellowship with him.

I wish we had been told that in church.