Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I appreciate all of you who read the rambling thoughts that I post here. Some of you add comments and some of you don't but I hope what I share has been an encouragement to you as you're learning to forget the former things and walk in the new things that God has given you. I look forward to continuing this journey with you in the new year.



zinger said...

Merry Christmas Aida, Hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday season. I got an early Christmas present this year. My wife Jess was involved in an accident where the car was totalled, however she managed to walk away with only bruises, and whip- lash. We all enjoyed each other a little more this year to be sure....(plus we got a new car for Christmas:)).

Merry Christmas and a happy new year Aida. I'll keep dropping by to visit from time to time although I have computer accessability issues. Re two children who love nothing more than being on the computer. Maybe this will be the year that I come out of the closet at the FBN, looks like you have your handsful with some of the newbies!!!,... now what was my user name and password??? All the best...


Aida said...

Hi Jon, Great to hear from you and to know you’re still hanging in there with me.

Sorry to hear about the accident but I’m glad your wife’s okay. Things like that do make us appreciate life and each other more. Enjoy the new car. I hate the circumstances that led to you getting it but new cars are always a great gift.

Merry Christmas to you too and your family. I know it’s tough having to share a computer. We’ve always been a multiple computer family with everyone having his own. Even when the children were here, they had their own so I’ve never had to share. Of course, that has its down side too since I spend waaay too much time on it.

We have some really great conversations on the FBN forum without all of the usual rancor that happens on other forums. We try as much as possible to keep it a safe place where the members are able to share freely without feeling like they’re being attacked. It was definitely easier to moderate before Darin’s book came out but we knew once that happened the peaceful atmosphere would change.

Some of the newbies don’t seem to understand why the forum was set up. They think it was set up as a pulpit for them to preach their particular brand of christianity. This makes the other members uncomfortable so we’ve had to gently, and sometimes not so gently, remind them of what they agreed to when they joined the forum. It definitely does keep things hopping but it’s been working out okay.

Anyway, I hope you will come out of the closet and join in the conversation. You’ve got a lot to say that I believe will encourage the other members.

sparrow girl said...

Merry Christmas to you, Aida!

Aida said...

Thanks, sparrow girl, and Merry Christmas to you too.