Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Truth About the Cross

My friend, David House, is a former pastor who left the institutional church several months ago. He recently started his own website, "Our Father's Freedom," where he shares some wonderful truths about God's heart. One of his most recent posts is in my opinion a beautiful description of the cross as the antidote for the disease of sin. This truth has been hidden from the church and I'm thankful for men like David who are now bringing it out into the open.

I decided to post a link to it because I believe this is a message that the church needs to hear. I hope you'll read it with an open heart so that you don't miss the beauty of what Jesus accomplished on the cross for us. To read David's post, "The Father and the Cross" follow this link.


zinger said...

Hey Aida,

Thanks for posting the link to David's article. It is a very good reiteration of the cross as a cure. Boy it sure does put a different spin on Father and who he is. It is a pretty radical shift and one that is really life changing.

One statement from Brennan Manning that just blew me away years ago was that there is nothing that we can do today to make God love us more and there is nothing that can do to make him love us less.

His love for us is at the very core of our being. His wrath has always been against 'sin' our enemy not us. The point of the cross wasn't the appeasement of an angry Judge, but rather so we could have relationship with him. And as one author has put so that there wouldn't be any need for things like the holocaust museum.

Hope that you have a great day today.


Aida said...

Jon, I agree. I believe if we understood the truth about the cross, it would radically change our lives and it would radically affect the church.

Understanding that God’s wrath is against sin and not against us will cause us to run to him instead of cower in fear from him. Too many believers live fearful of the wrath of God because they don’t understand that his wrath is a beautiful example of his love. I’m so thankful for men like David who have the courage to speak truth. Many will be set free because of it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.