Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Interview with Darin Hufford - video clip

Darin Hufford is a close friend of mine whose understanding of God's heart has transformed my thinking and my life. I originally connected with his ministry over three years ago when I read his book "The God's Honest Truth." Since then, that book has been re-written and re-released as "The Misunderstood God." Because of the impact his ministry has had on my life, I'm always excited about sharing his teachings with my readers.

I recently found a video clip of a conversation with Darin that was posted on the "Recycle Your Faith" website. It's only about two minutes long but in that short time frame, Darin hits on some key truths about God's heart and what it means to live free in Him. I think you'll enjoy what Darin has to say.

To see the video clip, "Your Shirt is Green," follow this link. Darin also has a great website, The Free Believers Network, that I highly recommend. So, check it out and be prepared to have your beliefs challenged but I believe if you'll listen to what he has to say with an open heart, your life might forever be impacted as mine has been.

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