Saturday, June 26, 2010

Create in me a clean heart (?)

I was digging around in my archived posts and found this post that I wrote over two years ago. I think the truths in it are something that we need to reminded of so I decided to post the link to it here. I hope this will be an encouragement to us to remember that we now have a good and noble heart which is clean and pure in God's sight.


lionwoman said...

Aida, thank you for this reminder. It was great to read it especially now. I wonder, why is it that people insist on going back to the Old Covenant? What is troubling is how few people feel that something is wrong with the O.C. ways in their heart. How few people will pursue something better even after they've been shown.

Aida said...

Lionwoman, you’re right. I think people who are locked into the Old Covenant feel that there’s a certain amount of safety in it. No thinking is involved, since they’re simply following laws. If you do “A,” you get “B.” However, living in the New Covenant is scary because the rules go out the window so even though you do “A,” there’s no guarantee that you’ll get “B.” You might get “X,” “Y,” or “Z.” Since there’s no way to know for sure, living under the New Covenant breeds a lot of insecurity.

Jesus said that after drinking old wine, no one wants the new because he says the old is better. I like how Darin Hufford says to replace the word “wine” with “testament” and you see that Jesus understood that there would be those who would prefer the Old Testament ways over the New.

However, I believe once we’re convinced that God can be trusted even with the unknown, there’s no way we’ll want to go back to the Old.

Thanks for your comment.