Sunday, June 27, 2010

Setting the Captives Free

In 2008, I began to have a desire to share the message of God’s grace, so in January of that year, I started this blog, Forgetting the Former Things. Over time, I also began adding posts and resources directed at helping those who had been victimized by spiritual abuse. As that emphasis began to grow, it became obvious that my blog was becoming known as a resource for those seeking information about spiritual abuse. However, I also felt that those needed resources were getting lost among all of my other posts so in 2009, I decided to set up a blog totally devoted to spiritual abuse and that is how Setting the Captives Free was born.

Since that time, the blog sat with very little activity but now I sense that the time is right to begin developing it so I will be adding more material to it as the weeks progress. I will also continue to add posts regarding spiritual abuse to Forgetting the Former Things for those who prefer checking in here.

My hope is that these two blogs will be a source of hope and encouragement for my readers at whatever stage they may be in their journey.


lionwoman said...

I'm sure your new blog will be an excellent resource, Aida. I hope and pray for a great awakening. So many people in spiritually abusive situations don't even know it.

Aida said...

Lionwoman, I’ve been told by people that they hadn’t realized that they had been spiritually abused until they read one of my posts. People need to be made aware of the dangers and they need to know that freedom is available. So many are hurting and abused and it’s time to set the captives free.

Thanks for your encouragement.

Manuela said...

Hi. I look forward to reading more... I swung by and I like the look of it : )! I've read many things on or through your main blog that have really helped me. I think your new blog is a great additional resource! I'm glad you felt led to expand on it!
Talk soon : )

Aida said...

Thanks Manuela. You really inspired me so I changed the template. I think the new one is better than the other one I had because this one beautifully depicts the freedom that’s available to us as children of God. There’s still a lot more that I need to do on it but, at least, this is a start.

I appreciate your kind words and I hope my new blog will be an encouragement for those who need to know that freedom is possible no matter how long or how intense was the control.

I hope we can talk soon. Give me a call when you have some free time.