Sunday, September 5, 2010

Killing the Heart

The heart is the fountain or wellspring of life. It contains the essence of who we are so that’s why God has chosen to live within our hearts. Because it is the place where God has chosen to meet with us, it’s critical that we guard our hearts.

Religion by its nature is an enemy of the heart because it attacks it by telling us that our hearts are wicked and can’t be trusted.  This creates insecurity because it causes us to distrust the voice of God who speaks to us from our heart. This false teaching is actually based on an Old Covenant verse which doesn’t apply to us today. Instead as children of God under a new covenant, we’ve been given a new heart which is infused with the life of God. 

Discussing spiritual abuse, Jim Robbins said that “This abuse may not even be intentional, but kills the heart nonetheless.” Since the heart is the wellspring of life, it’s critical that it be protected. Wellspring is defined as “a source or supply of anything, esp. when considered inexhaustible.” In other words, God’s life in us can’t be exhausted. It never comes to an end nor can its supply be depleted unless we allow a cap to be placed on our heart.

Instead of trusting the heart, religion depends on externals and it imposes a standard of obligation that’s impossible to keep. Therefore, we’re left feeling like we’re never good enough. No matter how much we read our Bible, we feel like we could have read it more. We spend an hour in prayer and we feel good until we read about the person who prays three hours a day, EVERY day. Then, the guilt sets in. It increases even more when we read about the person who fasts regularly and even does a 40 day fast EVERY year. Stories about believers who have been imprisoned or killed for their faith while we struggle with our 9:00-5:00 jobs make us feel uncommitted.

Those unfair comparisons rob our hearts of life and cripple us.

I love the description of God as a potter. A potter is an artist, a craftsman. He takes an ugly lump of clay and, out of it, he fashions a thing of beauty . . . a one of a kind piece of pottery. There is no other vessel exactly like it nor will there ever be.

It’s the same with us. We’re God’s unique creation. We’re one of a kind because there never has been anyone else exactly like us nor will there ever be.

Religion, however, takes our uniqueness and destroys it. It produces a group of cookie cutter Christians who follow the external rules of behavior instead of following the promptings of their newly created hearts. The truth is that a cap has been placed over their hearts and God’s life can no longer flow the way he intended.

In order to be fully alive, we have to break free and recover our good and noble heart. Until we do, we’ll continue to believe that our hearts can’t be trusted thereby effectively silencing God’s method of guidance in our lives. The truth is the Holy Spirit lives in us so we don’t need anyone to tell us what to do or what not to do since He is always available to teach us and to guide us.

Recently in a conversation with a friend, I told her that I don’t feel like I need to go to church anymore. She said, “So you think you know everything?” She caught me off guard and all I could think to say was, “No but I don’t think the man talking knows everything either.” Looking back at that conversation, I now think the correct response should have been, “Yes! I do know everything because God is in me and he knows everything. What I now need to do is re-connect with my heart so that I can know what he knows.”

I believe we’ve really under estimated what this new life should look like and it’s time that we change the way we view our hearts. We need to believe the truth about our good hearts and protect them at all cost from the lies that tell us that we’re not good enough.


Jim Robbins said...

Great reminders about our supernaturally-good hearts here, Aida. You're exactly right: If we cap the headwaters, or sabotage them, that affects everything 'downstream.'

Aida said...

Jim, I love how you said that if we cap the headwaters, or sabotage them, that affects everything 'downstream.' We don’t realize the long reaching affects of a heart that has been silenced.

Thanks for your comment.

lionwoman said...

That is a good analogy Jim! Aida, I agree, your reply that you thought of after the fact was excellent. I'm such a slow thinker that I'd never come up with that on the spot, but I hope you have a chance to use that one, next time someone who 'goes to church' comes out with one of those statements

Anonymous said...

Great Article, Aida--
Please--never stop speaking the Truth that will dispel the lies and deceptions with which religion is trying to destroy God's ppl.
Light will ALWAYS overcome darkness when God's faithful care enough to speak it.

Aida said...

Hi Lionwoman. I'm not always good at thinking of a quick response so the next time, I'm sure my mind will go blank again and I'll give another dumb response. :)

Thanks, Windblown. You're right. We do have to speak truth whenever we can. There are people everywhere who are dying because they don't know the truth about their good heart.

Manuela said...

Hi! :)
this is such a good message and the truth. Thanks for sharing it like you do. I'm starting to really get it... It is the freedom and gift we have been given... I just posted Jim Robbin's video on my blog. It is so good. This message needs to be shouted from the rooftops, because the opposite message is preached almost everywhere, grrrr, and I too long listened and then carried the needless guilt and shame and imposed it on others...
Thank you, thank you, thank you for being faithful in sharing this message :)

Aida said...

Thanks, Manuela. Understanding truth is a process and I’m glad you feel like you’re finally getting it. It does take time.

I love to hear Jim Robbins talk about our good heart. I’ve learned so much from him and I want to share this message of God’s grace with others. People have been deceived and as a result suffer from guilt and shame, the very things Jesus came to remove from us. I’m glad you’re sharing the good news that our hearts are now good and pure. People need to hear that.

Love you.