Monday, January 17, 2011

My Thoughts on Prayer

A dear friend of mine, a woman of deep prayer and great wisdom, shared with me her thoughts on prayer. I thought they were so profound that I wanted to share it with my readers and she has graciously agreed to allow me to post them here. I know you’ll be encouraged. So, sit back and enjoy what Linda has to say about her times of intimate conversation with her Father.  To read more about Linda, check out my previous post.

Linda’s Thoughts on Prayer

A daily touch with God – from the deepest most intimate places in our heart and mind. A sharing of all needs and wants. To give our most sincere thanks for everything – whether it be big or small, material and human, emotional or life. He is there ALWAYS to listen and understand our prayers.

Like a daily talk with a very dear friend. Not always getting the answer we want but He is ALWAYS there to listen. Like having a “dear Father” to lay your head on his shoulder, especially in times of trouble. Needs, worries – He is there!

When I have a very serious need no matter what kind, I talk to Him like he is my best friend because he really is!! I talk day or night – driving, working, during the night, just when I am deep in thought about a particular need, whether it be my need or the need of a dear friend or family member – I know all I have to do is say “Father.” He is there!! What a wonderful gift he has blessed us with, to the able to share everything with him. I always try to remember to spend more time praising and thanking him:

1) Just for being God and always being there.

2) For seeing our needs always and answering our prayers.

3) For the comfort he only can give, letting us know he is so constant and ever mindful of us and our human weakness.

4) I sometimes sing during prayer. If I have a song in my heart about one particular situation, I will sing it to my Father. He gave us all those beautiful hymns and he loves to hear them, from our hearts and voices. So I give them back to Him.

When I have a friend, like Aida who shares a need with me, I can’t wait to talk to Father about it because I love her. Prayer is another way of expressing love. When you call their name to a loving Father, from a heart of love, about someone you love – It is all about LOVE!

One more thing about prayer, you never have to be ashamed to tell Him anything or ask anything of him. He already knows anyway but he wants to hear from our lips and hearts. He has developed "a need – love – faith – trust method" to help us see how we must feel about Him.

I pray out loud when I can. It is good for our own ears to hear what we say to the Father. It is a reminder that we are talking to our wonderful God and that we evidently believe there is someone listening or we wouldn’t be talking to Him.

When our Father sent his Son Jesus to be the savior of the world, he not only sent a bundle of himself in the flesh, he sent all his love and to be able to access that love, we need prayer. That is why I believe prayer is love. For, when we pray, we do so because we love, either us or someone else. All out of Love.

In prayer, we not only give our thoughts and prayers to God, we give ourselves to him and to each other. Truly united in prayer and supplication for our brothers and sisters.

“Sweet hour of prayer, Sweet hour of prayer
That calls me from a life of care
He bids me at my Father’s throne
Makes all my wants and wishes known.

In seasons of despair and grief,
My soul has found relief
I’ll lay on him, my every care and lean on him
Sweet hour of prayer.”

That was my granddaddy’s favorite hymn. I can hear him singing all over his farm. He believed and loved our Father with all his heart. Many times, I saw him on his knees in prayer. He lived through some very bad times but I don’t ever remember his faith ever wavering. I believe it was because his prayer life was the most wonderful thing about his life. He always blessed his food and asked God for every good and perfect gift. He was a strong man and made no bones about how much he loved God.

I know where he is right now – Singing with Jesus in heaven.