Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Total oneness with God

A number of years ago, I started this journey out of religion seeking to understand my union with God.  Since then, I've journeyed through many places including grace and the love of God.  I've learned and experienced many exciting and wonderful things but recently, my thoughts have returned to the concept of oneness.  I remember being told that we're empty shells and we need a continuous filling by God because we leak. That never sounded right to me and I've now come to see that that's a very faulty picture of our relationship with God.  

While it's true that he's in us, there's a greater depth of understanding that we need to discover.  While I firmly believe that the church hasn't fully understood the truth that God is in us, there is so much more so we can't stop there. 

Yesterday, while driving to meet a friend, I began to think about the song, "Draw Me Close to You."  The first line of that song is "Draw me close to you.  Never let me go."  While it's a beautiful song with a sweet sentiment, the message it presents is a faith killer.  We don't need to beg God to draw us closer because we're already as close as we can get.  Not only is he in us but he's one with us.

I used to be confused when I read in the Bible that God is in us but we're also in him.  I couldn't understand how that was possible but yesterday, I realized that that's a picture of our oneness with him.  The amazing truth is that not only is he in us but we're also in him . . . total union! 

God doesn't just fill us like an empty shell.  NO!!! He's in us, in our very DNA!!!  We're now totally embedded in one another so there can be no separation, no leakage.  It's no longer him or me but it's now us so I no longer approach him as though he's on a distant planet.  Because he and I are one, I now accept that he's involved in my thinking and he's adding his thoughts to my thoughts and these combined thoughts have now become my normal "prayer life."

There are stages of understanding that we must pass through.  First, we need to know that God is in us.  Then, we need to believe that we're totally one with him because until we begin to live out of our oneness with him, we'll continue to be a fractured church.  Like the Corinthian church, we'll continue declaring, "I'm Baptist, I'm Methodist, I'm Assemblies of God" or even, "I'm a Free Believer."  Only when we live out of our oneness with him, can we really begin to understand our oneness as the church.  When we reach that final stage, I believe we'll finally become the Church that's fully alive with the glory of God.  


Michael J Quinlan said...

Well said Aida..I have been out for some 14 years now after 14 years of being in..but then I did not know any better..However through it all I have learned to love those still in bondage to mans religion or dare i say Satan`s`s great deception ....when you think about it anyone who truly went on with God was pulled out or more to the point his Heart in their Heart gave them a deeper thirst for more

Cheers Michael :)

Aida said...

Michael, so true. Once we begin to understand our total oneness with God, we’ll no longer be satisfied with a religion that keeps him at a distance.

I’m sorry I didn’t responded sooner to your comment but I was having blog problems which I’ve just solved. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.